While divorce is a difficult chapter of a married couple’s life, the pain, anger and confusion can be exacerbated even further when there are children involved. Don’t worry. Even though you may be experiencing a hard time, divorce is just one of the many challenges that a family may face in life that has the opportunity to bring them closer together, leaving them stronger, more supportive and more loving than ever before.


Dealing with Divorce

Although getting a divorce signifies the end of your marriage, it doesn’t have to also mean the end of your family. Sharing a life with someone is something you can never erase, and you don’t have to let go of fond memories simply because you’ve decided to go your separate ways. Too often, parents stay together solely because they’re worried about the impact a divorce will have on their children. Unfortunately, having two parents who are not in love and do not want to be together is much worse for a child’s development than two parents who live separately. Divorce is definitely something that is hard on everyone, but luckily there are lots of resources to help you get through it. Mentalhealthamerica is a really useful tool to use when it comes to going through things like this.


Children and Divorce

Younger children tend to be more adaptable, so while it will still take some getting used to, the concept and reality of divorce will be easier for them to accept. What’s important is that you and your partner come up with a co-parenting plan and remain united as a parental front even though you’re no longer together. This means being civilized in front of your children and informing them of the changes to come together. No one should have to come home and find one of their parents missing with only a brief explanation from the other to compensate. Before any big changes occur (such as moving out), tell them what’s to come but provide all of the assurance they’ll need to know that while you won’t all be living together, they’re still loved just as much and still have both of their parents.  Kidshealth is a great resource for more information on things like this.


Older children and teens may take the divorce harder, so make sure that you’re both there to comfort them and provide emotional support. Although they may respond with anger, sadness or even despondency, remain unfaltering in your commitment as their parents and demonstrate that you can still be trusted and you’re still there for them no matter what.


Divorce Lawyers and the Family

Working with a divorce lawyer like Ken Peck in Charleston, SC is a responsible way to handle the termination of your marriage, as it will allow the two of you to work through an unbiased party and make all of the necessary arrangements, including any talks about custody and property sales. A divorce lawyer handling your case can also take a lot of the stress off of you both since the boundaries can be clearly defined, and you’ll be able to focus your energy into supporting your family and maintaining strong bonds during this adjustment period.