College is one of the best dating opportunities out there. Every day you swim in a sea of potentials and no one really expects the relationships to mean something. That means that college is the perfect time to experiment to see what sort of things work for you and what sort of things don’t. Sooner or later you are going to want to settle into a relationship that is more meaningful, but now is the time to date the crazy guys, and get them out of your system.


The Rebel

Every girl has to admit that there is a part of them that is drawn to that bad boy vibe. Life is exciting and you feel a lot more sexy when you are dating a risk-taker. If nothing else, they can provide you an opportunity to embrace your own “bad girl” side, letting you flirt with danger for awhile. Unfortunately, the rebel comes with a ticking clock for break-up. While that flare and danger is really hot and exciting, it also tends to make these guys really lousy long term boyfriends. These guys are never going to be a good shoulder to cry on, and they definitely won’t pick up their socks and do dishes. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lot of fun. Just don’t fall into the trap of believing that you should change him, and you can enjoy yourself with a little spice.

Mr. Moneybags

There is a good reason why women fall all over men with money. It’s called money. Money is the key to cute shoes, clothes and cars. Dating a man with money means that you get all of those advantages, without having to go to med school for 12 years and then cultivating a demanding career. Not to mention how great it feels to be arm candy. Unfortunately, rich guys also come with a lot of stress and expectations. They might not be the kind of guy that you can snuggle up on the couch with in your sweats while you eat a pint of ice cream. He’s also going to have long hours involved with work, parental pressure, and financial juggling. So, enjoy it for awhile, and then get your life back to normal, and get out before the stress gets you.

The Starving Artist

The glamor of dating a musician or artist is unparalleled. There is nothing to really spark the fire like watching dozens of other girls faint and moan over your lover. Then there is also the creative fire. Artists are not the sort of people to lead ordinary lives, meaning that a little of their genius is going to leech into the every day. They can make your life sparkle and shine. Of course, that also means that they are going to be passionate about their work to the exclusion of you, but without any benefits of financial stability. If they have been hard up for cash a long time, they might have a tendency to leach money that can be exhausting. In the meantime, enjoy the joys of a creative life, without having to make the sacrifices.