Gas and plasma cutting torch is a basic kit that enable a person to easily and quickly cut the accurate circles up to the 70 cm or 28 inches in diameter, straight lines, radii, curves and other metals with an ease. Either with a punch or with a drilling hole the center mount enables you to center the cutting guide. A perfect circle cutting is done with this kit. They are easily portable and handy. You just need to connect the machine with the air compressor of 240 volt to 415 volt and then you can cut any metal surface. If you want to cut some thicker metals then you need to choose large amperage. Then you just need to switch on the torch button and move on the surface and cut the surface according to your template.

Gas Cutting Torch

Gas Cutting Torch

The Tool Kit Consists of the Following:

  • A torch cap holder, which rotates while cutting the circle.
  • Adjustable axles and two metal wheels.
  • Along with 38 cm or 15 inches arm
  • Center pin as well as a holder

Functioning of the Gas and Plasma Torch:

A plasma torch head consists of 3 main consumables, which need replacement viz. electrode, cutting tip, and standoff spring. While other parts include swirl ring and nozzle, which need less replacing.

  • Electrode is screws into the head of the torch. Through this torch, you can easily cut the surface as per your requirement. It is a simplest process to cut the metal and you can cut the metal in any shapes.
  • Pointed spacer/Standoff spring fits onto the end of the outer nozzle and maintains the space between the tip and the material on which the work is performed. However, it is easily removable if you want to use template or straight edge for cutting the shapes. Cutting tip is available in numerous whole sizes such as larger hole for large amperage or wider cutting depending upon different sizes.
  • Gas distributor is made of a non-conductive material and is fitted in between the cutting tip and electrode.

It is easy to use the gas and plasma cutting torch than any other metal cutting tool. Moreover, it is cheaper and handy to use. Additionally, it gives the right shape with precision. It can cut any metal such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc. In addition to that, a hand held kit is easier to operate as well as simple to use.

Here are a Few Guidelines to use the Gas and Plasma Cutting Torch:

When you operate the plasma cutting edge, you need to maintain the speed and amperage according to the metals. Then you need to use the proper cutting tools or attachment for doing the job perfectly. In this regards you can use some template and do the work smoothly. Moreover, if you want to learn the cutting process then you can go through the user manual of the plasma-cutting torch.

  • Connect the tool to the air compressor
  • Then, the earth lead to the work piece
  • Further, connect plasma torch to the machine
  • After that, select the cutting amperage
  • Press the button on the handle of the torch and move it in the direction across the work to cut the metal
  • Begin with piercing a hole in the midpoint of the metal

With the help of technological advancement and innovative equipment, you can do the cutting work easily with precision. Gas & Plasma Cutting Torch is one such tool that has made the cutting and shaping of the metals easier and simpler.