We will give you anagram exercises of different difficulties for you to solve:

Form a word other than this: MONJA-

From this phrase forms a word: A GANAR MÁS-

Solve this riddle: “Run away leaving an ink trail” (THE BRAND)-

There are three different ways to play with anagrams, and of course there are many more. These are so easy!

Solver Anagrammer

AEAT Anagram

And by knowing all the entertainment utilities that an anagram can have, we can broaden the spectrum of usefulness, taking it to the business level and it is precisely what the Anagram AEAT, by its initials State Agency of Tax Administration commonly known as Treasury, consists of taking the first three letters of the taxpayer’s surname plus a random letter and forming an anagram to create a code embodied in the legal identification labels, which is the identification of the physical or legal persons that contain the data that the State Tax Administration has in its databases, and are necessary to comply with tax obligations.

Online Anagrams

Currently there are many web pages that serve as tools, ex instawordz anagram solver, where you can go to solve and form anagrams from a database they contain for the user to create endless anagrams and words to their liking. On the other hand, there are also applications for mobile phones that are used to create anagrams.

All the tools that we previously mentioned, are in the web, there are web pages for each one of them and this of course facilitates the work of thinking so much in how to decipher words but that the internet does everything for us, you can find the way to derive thousands and thousands of words since in these databases there are all kinds of them, words from all origins, there are even web pages to create proper names through anagrams, others where you find exercises to solve and thus you get all the utilities that an an anagram can bring you.

How to create anagrams?

If you are wondering how to create anagrams? And you don’t want to use the web pages to do it, you can take a look here to use a program or we can give you some tricks for it. First of all, you should know that there are many types of anagrams, the easiest thing is to create from one word to another, however, it varies what you can get, since you can also derive phrases from words or several words from a phrase.

The first thing you have to do is find the word or phrase that you use as “subject”, this then you separate it by letters and consonant and vowel groups (even when they are repeated) so you can see everything clearer and create words from there.  If on the other hand, your intention is to play against Scrabble and you have the letters disordered, then group them in the same way, and see deciphering words from it.

Anagrams are commonly used in riddles, forcing people to think ‘out of the box’ to find an answer to a question or find another important or relevant clue. Anagrams can take time to master and, although not all words or phrases can become anagrams, there are also variations that can be used. For example, if you have the word ‘Cradle’, you can find ‘card’ or ‘agreement’, but those are mere words that can be formed by the original; They are not real anagrams, although many people make that mistake.

Where the anagrams originated

Anagrams have been used for thousands of years, since the time of Moses when the first anagrams of documents were written. In these early civilizations and even throughout the twentieth century, anagrams were used to hide important information. Societies, groups and military personnel would use anagrams to hide the true meaning of a message. The recipients of these messages would generally have a codex or keys that would help them decipher the meaning of the anagram.

The more anagrams you can solve, the more you will be exercising your mind and brain… Here we leave you the answers of the anagrams to solve: (HAM-ANAGRAMS-CALAMARI)