If you spend more time at home or you just want to keep the environment inside your apartment clean and fresh then you will surely love the houseplants. They demand less care and many of them survive well even in the presence of low sunlight. Wherever you keep them, they will enhance the beauty of that space with their natural colours.

Plants also keep the air fresh and healthy by changing the carbon dioxide into oxygen. They also keep the pollutants away. So, it is beneficial to invest some time and money in buying the indoor plants. There are many online plants stores that provide quality and affordable houseplants at affordable prices.

The houseplants are easy to deal with. They demand less care and attention, but that does not mean they need nothing. It can definitely be said that it is easy to keep them content by just looking after their basic needs.

There are some suggestions which will help you to deal with the indoor plants in an easy way.

Needs Of Your Plant

The needs of such plants are quite basic. They require sunlight, water and food to grow healthily. But, different plants take them in different quantities. For instance, Cactii needs dry soil and bright light whereas Ficus trees require moist soil and indirect light.This fact is also true for the garden plants as well.

Fertilizers Play An Important Part

It is important to buy such an indoor plant that can survive on the amount of light that generally enters your house. Healthy ones will keep themselves away from pests and diseases.

The indoor plants also require fertilizers on a daily basis. Fertilizers are important for nurturing the plant. The food of the plants totally depends upon what you provide them with.

Clean The Plants When Required

Keep the plants clean and groom them whenever you find appropriate.

  • Remove the yellow, faded or dead leaves and cut those stems with no leaves at all.
  • Cut off the faded flowers too. This is also called deadheading. This eventually helps in further growth of the flowers.
  • There are some plants which produce too many flowers making it impossible to see the soil. Grooming them is hectic as it takes a lot of time. In such a case, try cutting the plant to at least one-third of its entire size. After a week, you can see the fresh leaves and buds in them so do not worry if they do not look good for some time.
  • There are some plants which produce flowers that vanish and that is why they need less maintenance work. You do not have to spend your time cleaning them. For example, Diascia, Browallia etc. To keep their growth in control it is better to cut them to one-third of their size which is the best way.

Maintain Humidity

You might have noticed brownish leaves in the potted plants. The reason behind it is the air around them is making it dry. To get rid of such a situation, follow these simple steps.

  • Put the plants close to each other.
  • Fill a tray with water and pebbles. Place your plant over this tray and keep the pot away from the water in the tray.
  • Watering plants is a necessary processp. Mist the plants with the help of spray bottle.

These tips will surely help in making the leaves of the plants green and healthy again in few days.

Pot Needs To Be Checked

If your plant faces problems like the water dries faster in the pot or if you find the roots visible through the drainage holes then it is high time to change the pot. Use new soil as the nutrients and salts in the old soil is already depleted.

These guidelines generally suit the common houseplants. It is important to go through the special requirements of your plants since every plant is different from the other one.