Have you ever wondered about how a 10 floor building is standing tall and sturdy? How is your house such a secure place for you? What is it standing on; merely soil? How are bridges and towers standing up? Well, deep foundations being installed into the soils through a construction method known as piling, helps all of them to stand strong and tall for years.

If you are building your very first home or maybe your office; you might come across the word piling a lot. It will be used frequently and you will have to make certain choices, regarding it, as well. Thus, it is best to be well-acknowledged about Piling Essex. How it works and what it really is.

What is Piling?

Piling is what your building stands on. It is the basic foundation of any property that you plan to or have built.  It strengthens your property by providing it with the required, powerful base. Especially if the soil is weaker, piling plays a huge role in bringing the sturdiness to it.  It is the basic support that is needed by any building.

To make it simpler; you cannot make a property stand without a basic support system and piling serves like one for all buildings and properties. It is important to install deep foundations of your building in the soil, to ensure that it will stand strong and tall, providing a reliable base for the coming years.

Thus, before you move ahead to plan a construction; you must know about piling and the types that are available. It will help you make the right choices for your property. Elsewise, you must hire a trustworthy piling Essex service to do the job for you. Southern Piling Foundations is a great recommendation, if you are looking for professional piling services.

How does Piling Work?

So how does piling work? How is the base of your building prepared? Let’s have a look. The process of piling begins with insertion of huge amounts of concrete, wood or steel in the soil. To make sure that piling is done perfectly, the insertion of the material must be done deeper. It delivers a much stronger foundation or base of the building. Therefore, piling is the most crucial step of any construction project and it takes a good amount of time as well. Thus, do not expect it to be done within a few hours. To make sure that the base created is secure and strong for years to come; piling must be done accurately. It is the first basic step that sets the basis of your entire project.

Piling Essex

Also, it is important to understand that piling needs a lot of consideration before it is done. You cannot expect the contractors to simply get to work. Piling Essex has to weigh out many factors before beginning the procedure. For instance, the c condition of the soil being one of the most important things to look into. If the soil is wet, piling cannot be done on it. The consistency has to be settled before the foundation is built.

Types of Piling and Piling Foundations

It is important to know that there are 3 types of pilings in the world of construction. And depending on your soil condition and other variables, the piling Essex contractors decide on which type has to be used. The three major types of piling foundations are as follows:

  • Cast-in-situ piling foundation
  • Driven piling foundation
  • Driven and cast-in-situ piling foundation

As for piling, there are two different types of it:

  • Friction piles
  • End bearing piles

When you hire a contractor for the project, it is best to discuss the type of piling they will choose and why they would choose that specific one.

Composition of Piles

There are different compositions of piles as they are created out of different materials. They can be created out of wood, steel or concrete. Wooden piles are used most commonly in locations where the soil is weak. However, the material of the piles that will be used in your location is dependent on various factors, like your soil condition and surrounding groundworks etc.

Your contractor is responsible for making the best decision in this regard. Thus, make sure that you hire the right piling Essex services for this purpose as it is the basic building block of your property.

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