China has become the trade hub all over the world since 2004 for producing the cheapest goods and products at inexpensive prices for same quality. Moreover, China is famous for its furniture markets where all kinds of furniture from the most expensive ones to the ones that cater those on a budget.

People from worldwide prefer buying furniture in China than from local companies because they are expensive as well as costly, whereas, furniture in China is less expensive and good in quality for its production standards. Moreover, China has huge numbers of furniture manufacturers varying from home based furniture producers, generic brand less furniture manufacturers, small sized furniture production businesses, medium sized furniture manufacturing companies and bigger furniture producing and manufacturing firms. This massive number of furniture producers and manufacturers count together and male up a total of above 50,000 different kinds and levels of furniture producers and manufacturers in China alone.

What makes China famous is the furniture industry is the cost saving factor in which the producers manufactures high quality furniture manufactured with high quality and safety standards, latest and trending designs with the least use of building tools at extremely low costs than other manufacturers all around the world. China’s furniture is demanded all over the world and it is imported by people all over the world. China has become the world’s largest furniture exporting country since 2004 to this day; in fact it has been constantly enhancing and enlarging. Therefore, there are a number of furniture producers and sellers on individual as well as bulk level.

The first question that arises in the mind of the buyer is that where to buy furniture from? The answer to this question is that China has a number of sources from where individual customers as well as bulk importers can buy furniture from, such as:

  1. Whole and Bulk Buy Furniture Malls and Markets: China has a huge number of furniture malls and wholesale markets where business to business buyers, business to customer buyers and even individual customers come to buy furniture for their home, offices, business places, etc.
  • Shunde Furniture Mall: Shunde Furniture Mall is located in Shunde, which is a district of the Foshan city of China. The Shunde Furniture Mall is famous for its wholesale furniture market based within a mall with an areas of 5 kilometers spread within 20 streets. Shunde Furniture Mall being a household and business name for furniture buy is a major attraction for both individual customers as well as business bulk buyers where over 45,000 local as well as international furniture dealers are all available all in one single place.
  • Sun-like Furniture Wholesale Market: The Sun-like Furniture Wholesale Market is a famous whole furniture market of China where good quality and trendy furniture is available at extremely low costs. It is said that Sun-like Furniture Wholesale Market is meant for those who are on a budget and looking for good furniture tend to visit Sun-like Furniture Wholesale Market.
  • Louvre Furniture Mall: Louvre Furniture Mall is a high-end furniture market that has extremely high quality and expensive furniture that is completely swindle free. Louvre Furniture Mall is a place where buyers can find high end yet highly reliable furniture in bulk or in individual purchase basis. Louvre Furniture Mall makes up the major portion of China’s furniture industry, specifies that this furniture mall is highly visited and people from all over the world purchase furniture from here, which is known for its expensive price and high quality.
  1. International Furniture Fairs: Since China is renowned for its furniture exports all over the world. China conducts international furniture fairs where not only Chinese producers and manufacturers of furniture participate but international furniture manufacturers and producers also participate. People and buyers from all over the world attend the international furniture fair that is scheduled to take place twice a year in China.
  • China International Furniture Fair: The China International Furniture Fair is China’s biggest, famous, well known and a well established furniture fair. The China International Fair takes place twice a year. The China International Furniture Fair takes place in March and September of every year.
  1. China based E-Commerce Giants: There days giant e-commerce has taken over the traditional business types, such as AliBaba Group is a Chinese multinational Chinese conglomerate that deals in in internet based e-commerce. Ali Baba Group is a giant multinational that deals with business to business and business to customer supplies. The business to business buyers are provided bulk wholesale discounts. Moreover, Ali Baba Group carries everything from generic goods, branded goods and branded products. The product offering line is extensive and designed in such as way that benefits business to business customers.

When purchasing internationally shipping, payments, customs and duties make a major portion of the purchase decision because in some countries the import duties are way higher than the original price of the product itself. The customs duties in Europe lie between 0% to 6.5% for each furniture item. Besides, United States of America allows imports more commonly therefore there are no custom duties for most furniture items there but, the customs duty on few items lie between 3.4% to 6.5%.

Besides, payment is usually a sensitive and a hot topic when making an overseas purchase since the buyer and purchaser do not belong to the same land and do not know or trust each other, which creates doubts. There are a number of methods such as PayPal, Letter of Credit, International Wire Transfer, International Credit Cards, Online Escrow Account, Cash on Delivery by Sourcing Agents or Sourcing Companies and Western Union by which payment can be made depending upon the mutual agreement of the buyer and seller. For overseas purchases it is preferred that both exporters and imports do some paper work and then process the payments based upon the agreed terms and conditions to ensure that the furniture import process from China takes place smoothly.