Gucci Perfume – In 1881 in Florence, Italy, Guccio Gucci was born. He was the son of a leather craftsman. He learnt to appreciate the culture, sophistication of the cosmopolitan at a very young age as an elevator operator in the Savoy hotel in London. Gucci established the first shop in 1921 in Florence, where he sold luggage bags. He relocated his shop to a larger space in 1937. One year late Gucci opened a shop in Rome. Gucci’s son launched a shop in Milan. In 1953 Gucci passed away and his son Rodolfo opened the first overseas shop on 58th street Manhattan. Gucci products include fragrance, handbags, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing and watches.

In 1993 the house of Gucci first launched the Gucci perfume. The perfumes are not Gucci’s main business but their selections are a very popular choice among customers all over the world. The success of these perfumes is all about the brand alone. It is a highly successful leading fashion brand and so the consumers assume that the perfumes are highly ranked.

These perfumes are popular because it has a classic ambiance that makes the perfect for wearing evening gowns or other clothing. People describe Gucci perfume in their own personal ways. For some, it is sensual and soft but not at all overpowering. Other would find it as a sweet perfume with an innocent smell.World class Gucci products

There are dozens of different Gucci perfumes and every one of them has a unique design. The cost of Gucci perfumes is higher than the typical perfume but Gucci fans will immediately understand the uniqueness of the brand. Some of the famous and notable Gucci’s perfumes and colognes for men or women are:

ENVY by GucciCreated in 1997. It is a romantic mixture of jasmine, violet, magnolia, iris, musk, sandalwood and moss GUCCI#3by Gucci collectible miniature fragrance and was made on the demands of discerning ladies. It is a lightly floral scent and has musk undertone.
RUSH Created in 1999 and is a blend of floral with spices such as sandalwood, vanilla, gardenia and patchouli. Gucci is all about being unique and it meets the needs of the women who desire to look, dress and smell differently in order to stand out of the crowd. Ordinary perfumes might be enough to suppress the bad odors but may not be as attractive as the Gucci products scent. This is exactly how perfumes like Gucci possess a decent advantage.

Guccio Gucci was really a personality to be applauded. Now, his name is a brand name in the world class fashion products. Fashion designers are ought to be inspired by his life history. How he worked and labored on his passion to become a world famous fashion personality. So, fashion lovers here, work passionately on your fashion ideas, who knows you might become a brand name one day like Guccio Gucci.

Gucci Perfume is available throughout the world – from France to China, Autralia and the UK.