People have gardens many times for aesthetic reasons but what many people do not realize or take into consideration is the amount of water their beautiful garden consumes. In Australia, households are the largest consumers of public water, using seventy-one percent; but what people do not notice is how much of that water is used outside the home. On average forty-four percent of a household’s water is used outside the home, this abundance of water shows us that by using smart gardening or landscape techniques the potential to save water is there. The following are some ways to check water wastage:

Planting Native Plants:

There are many ways you can plan and maintain your garden or outdoor space so they use less water but are still beautiful and colorful areas to enjoy. One way to do this is by paying attention to what plants or flowers you are growing in your outdoor space. By choosing plants that are native to your area, you can reduce the amount of water that is required to maintain an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.Native plants, also known as water wise plants, help save water because they are perfectly adapted to Australia’s climate and because of that they require a lot less water than other plants. Growing Waterwise Garden

Keeping Nature In Harmony:

Local native plants happen to be perfectly adapted to Australia’s climate because they have evolved over millions of years. By using native plants in your garden you can reduce the amount of overall water use for your household but still have an aesthetically pleasing space. Another positive to growing native plants in your garden is that they are also drought smart; drought smart in the sense that they require less water which then adds up to costing less money.

Along with saving water and money, by showcasing local and native plants in your outdoor space you can also help other environmental factors. By planting native plants you can help promote biodiversity and stewardship for Australia’s natural heritage, help prevent soil erosion, reduce water run off, and reduce air pollution. Soil erosion and water run off are reduced by planting native plants because native plants offer a deep root system that increases the soils capacity to store water.

These water wise plants also help reduce the chance of flooding with their water storing capabilities. Native plants help reduce air pollution by sequestering and removing more carbon from the air than non-native plants.

Making the choice to plant native flowers and plants in your garden will not only help you save water but it can help you address many other environmental issues while still being able to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space.

LWP Property group pride themselves on creating housing estates with sustainability in mind. New developments in Ellenbrook WA feature landscaped gardens with native plants in order to preserve the local wildlife and to save water.