Having a great outdoor space is one of the best ways to make your home a better place to live. When it comes to upgrading your garden area, there are several features that can make a huge difference and ensure that your yard stands out. Here are the four best garden features you should consider incorporating into your home’s outdoor area.


Pergolas are very fashionable at the moment and make great extra entertaining areas when you have guests over. In addition to giving you a pleasant place to sit outdoors in the summer, a pergola will act as a centerpiece of your overall garden decor. Be sure to choose a tasteful pergola that will go well with your lawn furniture, and you’ll have an eye-catching outdoor structure that both you and your guests will love. This could be used for special family events like anniversary vow renewals, weddings, birthday parties, and just for fun.

Fountain or Waterfall

If you really want to make your garden stand out, there are few things better than a water feature. Installing a fountain or a waterfall will create a natural aesthetic center point in your yard that will draw the eye and set the stage for the other outdoor decor elements that you use in your garden. Often, it will help to plant some shrubs or flowers around the water feature, as this will make it seem a bit more natural. A benefit of having a waterfall or fountain is that it can help cool down your backyard in the summer. This will create a nice environment for you to relax and enjoy as you listen to the calming trickling of the water around you.

Outdoor Deck

For those who don’t mind tackling a large project, adding a deck onto your house is a great way to improve your outdoor space. A deck is a perfect place to eat, entertain guests or just sit and enjoy the outdoors on a quiet evening. Your new deck will also be a perfect place to keep an outdoor grill, allowing you to cook outdoors with ease and comfort. This will become the gathering place for your family as you cook, relax, and socialize.

Fire Pit

If you want to be able to keep using your outdoor areas when the weather begins to cool down, a quality fire pit is a must. Today, fire pits can be fueled by wood, propane or natural gas, giving buyers many great options to choose from. The best option is usually to install an in-ground fire pit, as this will be the most eye-catching feature in your garden. If you prefer a unit that can be moved from place to place, though, there are plenty of good-looking fire pits that require no installation.

By incorporating one or more of these elements into your outdoor design, you can enhance your garden and make it the envy of your neighborhood. Always remember to keep new design elements proportional to the size of your yard to avoid overwhelming it. If you have a small yard, for instance, a massive outdoor deck probably won’t be the best fit.