Whether it is a night out with friends or your loved ones, a few drinks can add fun to the outing an even benefit you! This is true, as weird as it might seem. The many perks range from health benefits to better socialization skills!  Do not believe us?! Well, we are not saying so, but hopefully you will believe Oxford University research.

Whether you are in Perth or Bunbury restaurants, pubs and bars promise to offer you a wonderful time! So, head out with friends, acquaintances and friends, to enjoy a drink and great conversation.  What else do you want?! Oh, do not forget the perks that you receive! So, it is a win-win situation all the way!

The Benefits of Social Drinking

Socialization is an important part of living in a society! If, you do not socialize well with people around you, then you stand to gain the label of being a social outcast. Who would like to live a life of loneliness? Heading out to pubs, bars and restaurants, offer you a chance to engage in social drinking. It might come as a surprise, but social drinking has been proven to be beneficial. What are the benefits, you ask?! Well, here are some of them:

  1. Healthier Living: Alcohol can do wonderful things for your health! It is known to reduce the chances of prostate cancer and development of type 2 diabetes! Alcohol can also protect your heart against cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Better Socialization Skills: When you head out for a drink, you are bound to strike up a conversation. You could also loosen up a bit and let people know about your funny side. All of this is good for making friends and having a great time. This also means that you get to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family, which can lower your stress levels.
  3. Improved Mental Function: Sounds impossible and more like a hoax? Well, it isn’t. According to Boston University Medical Centre research, drinking in limited amount can improve blood flow to the brain and make you smarter. The effect might not be immediate, in fact a few drinks in, you might fail at the random pub quiz, but on the long term it can be really benefitting!
  4. Better Performance in Bed: Want to impress your partner in bed? Well, you need some red wine! Red wine is synonymous with romantic nights, right? There is logical reasoning for it! It is packed with an antioxidant called resveratrol, which dilates blood vessels improving the chances to last longer in bed!
  5. Feelings of Happiness: When you indulge in social drinking, you are also working wonders for your own mental health, unknowingly. A relaxing evening, chatting and drinking (moderately of course) can have a soothing effect and fill you with happiness!
  6. Better Muscle Recovery: Feeling fatigued and thirsty after your gym session?  Instead of water, head out with gym buddies for a shot of alcohol! Surprised? Well, no need to be. The carbs in the booze  counteract cortisol, a stress hormone. This stress hormone floods your system post workout and reduces the speed of muscle repair, which prolongs your feeling of fatigue. So, a shot of alcohol will help you recover faster after a gym or workout session!

Whoa, who knew that social drinking could be so beneficial? Well, it is! So, no need to shy away from bunbury pubs and bars. Just remember, to have control. Going all out once a while is not harmful, but you cannot do that every time. Be responsible and indulge in moderate drinking, while socializing! This way you benefit yourself and the people in your life as well!