Money is never easy to come by because it doesn’t grow on trees! You have to work hard and find your path to make the sort of cash that everyone dreams of in their sleep. Some people like to cut their expenditures, and others like to spend money to make money, it totally depends on your personality. However, one path that has always provided decent returns is the investment industry. Over the last couple of decades, people from all works of life have made a fortune on the stock market. There is no sure-fire way to be successful, but there is one thing that can separate you from the crowd: knowledge.


Find the investments that are low risk and high return, and do some research, and you could set yourself up for life.


Depending on which part of the country you live in, the property will make more money after a while. That is because supply is lower than demand, which means the buyers don’t have too many options. Take London as an example. As the house prices continue to rise and the population increases too, there is a severe lack of housing available. Although that is a shame, in the grand scheme of things it means you can make a killing if you own property in the capital. You can rent it out to cover the mortgage or sell it to another buyer to rent.

Whether you buy new apartments, old apartments or houses, you will be able to flip the property. Just make sure you take care of any major repairs first!


Again, buying land is a lot like buying property where supply and demand are concerned. Where land and property differ is the opportunity. Houses and apartments give you one or two options tops. You can either rent or sell. Land gives you another option that is far more lucrative: build. Land is like a blank canvas on an artist’s easel. Property magnates, supermarket chains, even local councils will look to buy the land off you and turn it into something new to make money.


Okay, shares are more complicated. At least with property and land you have a lot more knowledge and, therefore, have a lot less chance of getting ripped off. Shares are a lot more exclusive. You need to know where there is money to be made and how to make it. Yes, the general principle of buying low and selling high still applies, but how do you manipulate that situation?

Well, you can always look for parts of shares instead of whole shares. Back in the seventies, math whizzes from universities around the world made a killing on the market because of this exact method. It is not easy, but if you get a tip from a pro or know someone with experience, don’t be afraid to ask for their help.

Since the turn of the twentieth century, businesspersons from all eras and generations have made money from the above. What’s more, you can, too!