Many people dream of having a career and a family. They want to find work that lets them support a family, buy a great house in a nice neighborhood and still have money left over. Those who are looking for careers that can do all this and more should consider some of the following fabulous choices.


Nurse Midwife

Nurses assume many varied types of healthcare roles. A nurse may assist a doctor in surgery, take down a patient’s vitals and give care such as inserting an intravenous line. They can also do other kinds of jobs. Nurse midwives are highly trained professionals. They know how to deliver a low risk baby and bring it into the world safely. Nurse midwives typically serve a much needed purpose for women who would rather keep to a low technology delivery. They help the pregnant woman get the birthing experience she wants where the focus is on her needs. Nurse midwives can earn a very good living.


Legal Librarian

The field of law requires a great many skills. One such skill is that of research. Law librarians help provide accurate information about varied types of legal cases for many lawyers. A law librarian can work in many different areas of the law. Some law librarians work in law schools where they help teach others and act as professors and staffers. They may required to assume many roles including providing training and access to legal document management software as well as assisting other lawyers with high profile legal cases. This is an excellent career choice for the person who is seeking out a career that has great flexibility and high salaries as it is very portable. Families can live in high cost of living areas or they can choose smaller towns where the cost of living is likely to be lower. They tend to earn far higher salaries than those who choose other library professions.


Software Engineers

Software specialists are people who understand how to apply the varied principles of software engineering to all forms of computer design. They can be involved in varied types of tasks related to computer software program development including design of programs as well as the development of new kinds of applications. A software engineer may be called on to test any existing software and see if has bugs that must be worked out before it can be released to the public. The engineer may also be heavily involved in specifics such as the use of data structures and algorithms that can determine if the software is acting as designed. This form of engineering has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Many major companies rely on this skill set to help them function each day and reach out to clients effectively. This is a career in high demand with demand only expected to see continued growth and far above average salaries.


Speech Therapist

Speech therapists help people who have suffered from problems with their speech. This kind of problem can be present at birth. It may also develop late on if a person suffers a problem such as a stroke. A speech therapist can work in schools helping children who have special needs. They may also work on other clinical settings such as a private office space or in a large hospital. Speech therapists need to earn an undergraduate degree. Then they need to complete further training in the form of direct on the job experience and a master’s degree in the field. A typical speech therapist has long term great earning potential.



A great career offers many opportunities. The right career lets people make the best use of their talents all while earning a fabulous salary. Fields such as law, medicine and computer science are ideal choices for those who want a life full of both family ties and great financial security.