Family time is important. When mom and dad have time to be together with their kids, they develop long lasting ties and make it easy to create a healthy family life. Getting away from home is an ideal way to teach kids to appreciate the world around them and get away from the ordinary at the same time. There are lots of places that welcome kids and adults with larger accommodations, family friendly activities and lots of time to have fun in a low key setting. Look for places that allow time for exploration but also let kids get in some personal time of their own.


Disney World

The classic American family destination, Disney World is as relevant as ever before. The park is geared for kids of all ages. Little ones will find dozens of special things for them to do in areas set aside for their needs. Older kids can get on scarier rides that will turn them upside down and back again. Parents can pick from several parks. Plan at least one to two days to visit each park. EPCOT is particularly ideal for older kids who can take advantage of the park’s focus on technology.


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is several vacations in one. The famous beach sprawls across several miles. Kids can dive right in the waters or play on the sands. The beach is home to lots of wildlife. Pods of dolphins are frequently seen cavorting a short distance away from the shore. The interior offers canals with boat storage and lots of opportunity to get directly on the waters. Further inland lie many additional attractions. See the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Wildlife Center. A short drive away is historic Williamsburg and Jamestown. Teach kids to understand history better by visiting the sites of these early settlements.


Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital should be at the top of any family’s list of family friendly places, especially for parents on a budget. Washington is home to dozens of free or low cost regional attractions. The Smithsonian Institute runs museums for any interest. Kids with an interest in space flight can see the National Air and Space Museum. The National Museum of American history has objects from every era of American history. Bring younger kids to the National Museum of Natural History. The little ones have a specially dedicated area with activities designed for their interests. Older kids and mommy can see everything from the Hope Diamond to dinosaurs at the Hall of Paleobiology. Take a tour of The Capitol and the White House. Allow at least five days to a week to fully explore the entire area and show kids the wonders of one of the world’s most important cities.


Boston and Cape Cod

Boston is a city with incredible sites for kids. The city is chock full of activities that invite exploration. Any parent should bring their children to the Boston Children’s Museum. The museum comprises four floors of fun activities that let kids further their understanding of science and technology. Older kids with an interest in science can see many regional museums designed to whet their mind and make them think about attending one of the area’s famous universities. The Museum of Science is an ideal day as is the Harvard Museum of Natural history. After exploring the city, a trip to the Massachusetts coast is a wonderful change. Cape Cod stretches for miles. Hundreds of towns dot the coast, making it easy to find a place to stay. Kids can sit along the shore and explore tidal pools any time of day. Head to the very tip of the coast in Provincetown for whale watching early one morning and then have a seafood lunch.


The American eastern seaboard offers many places to visit with kids. It’s an ideal place for a fabulous family vacation.