Whether you’re building a new home or currently live in an older house, you likely want to save money as a homeowner. Although many different expenses are associated with owning a home, you can still add a few features or products to increase your savings. Here are a few additions that can allow you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars throughout the year.


Smart Thermostat

More people are choosing to install smart thermostats due to the energy savings that they offer in each season of the year. The device learns your schedule and will automatically adjust the thermostat throughout the day when you’re home or away to conserve more energy. They’ve become more advanced in recent years and often include voice recognition, online connectivity, the ability to adjust to reduce costs and also learn your schedule.


Solar Panels

You may be wondering so how do solar panels work, and are they worth the cost? Solar panels are designed to generate electricity with the use of the sun, which can reduce your electric bill significantly. They’re the most reliable form of renewable energy and can save up to $30,000 over a 30-year period.



Skylights may be an investment but can be worth the cost due to the energy savings that they offer throughout the year. Skylights don’t require any maintenance and allow natural light to flood into the home, which means you won’t use as much energy with artificial lighting. Consider installing a skylight in the kitchen or in dark rooms of the house to save more money each year.


Smart Water Sprinklers

Sprinklers have become more advanced to reduce your water usage and become a more eco-friendly home. Smart sprinkler controllers are designed to rely on the weather report to determine when the lawn needs to be watered. You won’t have to worry about the sprinklers turning on in the middle of a storm and wasting water during the fall and winter seasons. The technology also obtains soil information to ensure that the lawn only receives the amount of water that it needs to stay healthy and thrive.


Automatic Window Shades

Automatic window shades are increasing in popularity for their ability to open and close at different times of the day when the sun is out. They can increase your energy savings by keeping the home cooler by blocking the outside light and can often be controlled with the use of a remote control if they’re not on a timer.


Additionally, smart lighting can also be utilized to reduce energy costs to illuminate different rooms of the home.


Remote Outlets

Wifi-enabled smart sockets are in demand because they only use power when a device is plugged into the outlet. They’re not only capable of reducing your carbon footprint, but they also offer peace of mind because you can easily cut the power while away from the house and avoid using excess energy.


Smart Home Appliances

Although your current refrigerator or dishwasher may still run well, it doesn’t mean that it’s energy efficient and can end up costing you more money over time than upgrading the device. Consider installing smart home appliances, which can often be controlled with the use of your smartphone or tablet to ensure that you can decide when to turn it on throughout the day whether you’re on the property or are away at the office. You can have the freedom to run the dishwasher at night or program the washing machine to run during the day to ensure that you take advantage of lower electricity rates.


By understanding the top features that are available for your home, you can save more money as a homeowner. Whether you install a smart thermostat or electronic curtains, there are many ways to reduce your electricity bill.