Every parent feels pride for their children, their first day of school, that first A on a report card and the day they graduate. While the children think “oh great I’m graduating,” it’s the parents that stress out. This means your baby has grown up; they are an adult and are going to go and face the cut throat world of business.

A graduation day is a very special day with celebration, pride, parties and ceremonies. Your family may have already decided as how to spend the day together, maybe a meal together at a fine dining restaurant or maybe a good party at home.


You will need to choose two outfits, one for the actual ceremony. It’s advisable to find out where they intend holding the ceremony, will it be indoors or outdoors? Knowing this can help you find the perfect dress for the occasion.Graduation Parties

Maybe you can go and have your hair styled or go and enjoy some retail therapy looking for your perfect dress to take your mind off the worries you have. It’s natural, especially for mother’s to worry about this day. I really can’t say if it nerves about the ceremony itself or the fact that your baby has grown up and is leaving the nest.

Also choose a dress to wear for the party, if you are going straight from the ceremony to a luncheon, then you don’t need the second outfit, but if you intend hosting a party at home in the evening or going out for dinner, you may want a second option, a more comfortable option that you can wear and be relaxed.


If you are hosting a party at home you will want to get your decorations, catering and cake ordered early. Remember! there are hundreds of other mothers just like you trying to arrange something special for graduation day.

You can buy the decorations online and have them delivered; you just need time in the morning to get them up before heading to the celebration. The cake and any catering should be booked at least a month or two in advance to avoid disappointment. Ensure the caterer is aware what time your party is starting and if you do have to collect the food you can arrange to do this before the ceremony, get it home and then head to the college or university.


What gift could you possibly give your child to tell them how proud you are of them and their accomplishments? Not even words can describe this pride any parent feels when their child graduates and starts work.

The best option is to find that perfect gift, a gift that they can keep for life, a useful gift and one that when they look at it they remember their graduation and how proud you were. Personalizing the gift is a wonderful way to commemorate the day, add the date of the graduation along with a small message and their name. Gifts can be anything from jewelry to phone cases or laptop cases. Maybe with them entering the working world a leather case for their laptop with their name engraved into it will be the ideal gift as they walk into the corporate world for the first time.

I cannot stress enough how important the gift is, the gift has so much meaning and cannot be something you just picked up, it needs to be unique and personal, a gift that they can keep with them for years to come and a gift that offers a good use when they start work.

Personalised gifts can be purchased in all styles and designs, choose from clothing, jewellery, laptop covers and phone covers, each one individually personalised for that special day.