Summer is one of the best times of the year. This is when kids leave school for the pools and the parks with their little brothers. It’s when parents plan the vacation they’ve been waiting to take all year long. Now is that very special season when people linger at the beach watching the last light leave the sky at eight o’clock. As summer continues, it all seems to go so fast. Now is the time to grab summer and hold it close before winter comes along. There are lots of ways to appreciate this most fabulous time of the year. Make plans for you and your family today as summer continues to surprise and delight.


Take a Vacation


It’s not too late to take a fantastic summer vacation. Plenty of places are perfect for a visit during the summer. If you want to save money, look for places nearby that you’ve never seen in person before. Perhaps there’s a local city that’s not too far off. Make reservations at a hotel for a few days. If you’re in the mood to travel more, consider a destination you’ve never seen before. Areas like Cape Cod along the coast of Massachusetts are the ideal region to visit during all the summer months. Lounge on a beach or head off to go whale watching. Last minute travel can often net you big savings if you’re flexible about dates and willing to leave on quick notice.


Install a Pool


This is also the perfect time of year to install a pool. There’s plenty of time to still enjoy it and get the pool you want fast. Custom pools San Diego are the perfect way to bring summer fun right to your own backyard. Pools are also a great way to welcome friends and family over for lots of parties. Think about specifics such as where you want to place the pool in your yard as well as how deep you’d like it. The pool can serve as the center of family life if you live in a warm climate. If you live somewhere further north, you’ll still get a great deal of use out of your backyard pool for much of the year.


Plan a Picnic


The warm weather means you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. One terrific way to have fun outdoors is with a picnic. Think about your favorite local park. Many area parks have places where you can grill a meal. Plan a menu and bring things with you before you begin. Simple fare such as burgers and chicken are best. Marinate the meat with spices overnight before you bring it there for additional flavor. Plan side dishes around summer’s wonderful bounty. Tomatoes are lush and ripe right now. Chop up a few to create a tomato salad. Pair with fresh local cheese and some balsamic vinegar. For dessert, look even more to summer. Now is the time to use seasonal fruit. Make a fruit salad of cherries, grapes, plums and peaches. Make a summer cocktail with pineapple and a dash of whatever you’ve got on hand. While the kids play in the playground, you and your friends can cook them a great meal.


Celebrate Your Life


Above all, summer is all about making memories. This is when so many people turn to friends and family for memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. Grab summer by making all about sharing fun times with those you care about most. Remind your children you love them when you take them on a family vacation. Install a pool for everyone to cool off even during the hottest days of late August. Take everyone to local park and put things on the grill as you chat with the people you love the very most. Summer is about your life and celebrating it as much as you can.