Like every type of business, starting a restaurant is no easy task. Despite this, thousands of driven and determined people every year take the dive into restaurant entrepreneurship. Success can come to those who plan meticulously, love what they do, and include the following three key ingredients for a successful restaurant startup:

A Great Chef

The quality of food you offer will be the biggest determining factor in deciding whether or not your business venture will succeed. If you offer quality food, people will come eat.

The head chef you choose should specialize in the type of menu you’re going to offer. Whether it be Italian, Mexican, Greek or any other ethnic food category, make sure to have the chef cook multiple dishes to ensure exceptional quality.

Beyond being able to cook quality dishes, your head chef should be a great people person. This individual will oversee the hiring of your kitchen staff and will be your eyes and ears behind the scenes. Essentially he’s the chief behind the product you’re selling. If you invest in a great kitchen partner, it is much more likely that people will flock to your restaurant for food.

A Great Team

Similar to your head chef, the rest of your employees will be your greatest asset.

Once you’ve hired a chef, have him help you recruit line cooks and other essential kitchen staff. You’ll likely need to look for waiters, dishwashers, hostesses and a house manager yourself, so be prepared to spend hours doing interviews and reference checks. Look for those that have experience, but don’t count out applicants that are fresh to the industry. With thorough training, they can be a quality contribution to the success of your store.

The best restaurant staff will have previous restaurant experience, exceptional customer service skills and should be able to work well under extreme pressure. Ideally, you’ll want to start with a small staff to begin with, and you might have to wait to hire a front-of-house manager until while fulfilling the duties yourself until you turn a profit.

Quality Restaurant Equipment

Quality is important when stocking a kitchen and the eating area with equipment.

For the kitchen, you should use name brand appliances that your head chef either recommends or is comfortable using. The tables, chairs and other furniture you purchase for your eating area should match your restaurant’s ambiance and create an overall comfortable atmosphere for your future customers.

While looking for quality restaurant equipment, restaurant entrepreneurs must also consider their budget. Consider purchasing your equipment from places like Budget Restaurant Supply that specialize in high level quality service with a variety of options. Other financially sound options include renting equipment or restoring broken supply.

Restaurant entrepreneurship is a big undertaking, even for the most seasoned of business professionals. Always seek the advice of other restaurant owners and make sure to watch overhead costs until you have a steady stream of customers. Utilize social media to give some buzz to your new place! Consider promoting live music during certain nights of the week to encourage patrons to come for the experience, even if they are not initially familiar with your food!