Some people do the right thing because they experience a euphoric feeling when they do a good deed. The true reason people help others is a bit of a mystery, but it seems to happen when they see a member of their group in trouble. Those in the health care system see humanity as part of their group, making some of their actions quite beautiful. The following are a few examples of why some people in the health care industry should be praised.


Care Given


Perhaps one of the beautiful stories out there is one of the most known. Patch Adams, who was played by Robin Williams in a film, created a hospital that provides care for free. At the present time, the United States does not provide free healthcare to all citizens. Sadly, many people cannot afford to be healthy. Well, Patch Adams is a doctor who decided to do something about this by building a hospital where he and like-minded doctors can provide care. Adams has promoted universal health care in the US for years.


Sunday Surgery


An organization called Surgery on Sunday was founded back in 2005 in hopes of helping those in need. Doctors and nurses in the United States join this foundation to work on their days off every third Sunday in a month to help uninsured Americans. They provide surgery completely free. A doctor in Kentucky, Dr. Andrew Moore, has been doing this for a long time and feels like he is finally keeping to the Hippocratic Oath.


Eyes on Patients


An eye care specialist in Fresno, California decided he could not turn patients away simply because they could not afford it. This specialist started an organization called Mission Cataract USA, which focuses on the cataract crisis that is attacking many people in the United States. Many other eye specialists have joined the cause and have helped countless people regain some of their vision if not all of it.


Mobile Care


The world is full of diseases and illnesses that doctors need to deal with, but some regions are simply too far from civilization to get the care they need. This is why the Floating Doctors organization was born. The organization helps doctors get to different places around the world to provide health care for free. This is sort of a doctor’s office on wheels as they continue to travel to do their best for humanity no matter the land and no matter the borders stopping them.


Smiles Abound


Many dentists in Calgary provide affordable dental cleanings for families and contribute to organizations like the Kindness in Action charity. This organization funds hundreds of dentists around the world to provide dental care to kids who come from under privileged households. Dentists in Calgary understand that everyone deserves a healthy smile, and money should not stand in the way of that.


Countries That Care


Besides Canada, there are several countries around the world that have taken care to the next logical step, which is providing free health care. For example, Colombia provides universal health care to its citizens and visitors as long as visitors get the right paperwork. The care provided here is one of the best in the world. It is better than the United States at a fraction of the price. There are other countries that do the same such as Costa Rica and Malaysia just to name a few.


It is clear that many in the healthcare industry around the world are ready to help others as much as they can. Humanity seems to shine brightest when they are given the opportunity to do the right thing for each other. One can see that many who turn to health care professions actually do belong there. The hope is that their goodwill infects others around the world to do something positive.