Healthy teeth and strong gums are never an accident – you have to work for it, daily and without skipping schedules. From brushing to flossing to cleaning tongue to rinsing to right food choices, a lot goes into achieving a perfect oral health.

Good oral care etiquettes are the foundation of healthy teeth and disease-free gums. Ask any dentist in the world and the answer would the same – brush twice a year, two to three minutes for each sessions and by using fluoride-containing toothpaste.

If you don’t brush daily, it will allow food debris and plaque to store up, accumulate and convert whatever sugar you eat into acids. And the presence of acid can leave you with weakened enamel coupled with greater risks of tooth decay.

Brushing is something you just can’t miss even for a single day else this could allow bacteria to find a way in the system. So, you should choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean the teeth gently, in a zig-zag manner so that a thorough cleaning is achieved.

Brushing is although not the answer to clean the teeth from within as toothbrush bristles are often thick and you can expect them to clean through the teeth. That’s why dentists all over the world recommend flossing as it is needed to clean where brushing can’t help.

Tongue cleaning is equally important as if not cleaned daily, germs and bacteria could enter the bloodstream and reach to different parts of the body to pose risks to the heart, lungs, kidney etc. The tongue surface is a heaven for bacteria and when proper cleaning is not done, your entire body is at risk.

Dentists also advise people to rinse their mouth after every meal or use a mouthwash to clean so that bacteria are effectively killed even before harming your teeth. Similarly, one should be careful about food choices as they can have a direct impact on the oral health.

If you binge on sugary items or do excessive consumption of items with acidic content, this could also cause great damage to your teeth and gums alike. The sugar can give the mouth bacteria a new lease of life and even help them in formation of acids. And you know acids can weaken the enamel easily.

When it comes to following oral etiquettes, you should be better off by not brushing immediately after acidic foods or drinks else it can weaken the teeth. You should also try to drink beverages through straw so that a direct contact between the sugar and teeth can be avoided.

Similarly, some people are very reckless with their teeth and can use their pearly whites for ripping open packets, opening bottles or biting treads, which all can harm their teeth. Such acts can weaken the enamel and at best avoided in order to maintain a better oral hygiene.

You should also stay away from tea, coffee, soda, cola, or any item that acid content if you want a better oral health. Not consulting a top dentist Bushwick twice a year is also a bad oral care etiquette which shows how much you ignore your oral health.

If you really care for your teeth and want to achieve a great smile, visit the dentist every six month and follow all the advice so that you stop on top of your oral health. The dentist will advise you on everything, from oral care to food to daily schedule.

You can follow all the guidance of the dentist and then also go for regular check ups to be sure if everything is perfect with your oral health. This is how a great smile happens.