The trend toward environmental responsibility continues to grow strong. More and more people are opting for green products and solutions to contribute to the movement of being more eco-responsible to reduce pollution and waste.

Due to this, there has been significant growth in the green home products segment. For the bathroom, for instance, there are new technologies that work to utilize energy and water better, and minimize waste. So, if you wish to have an eco-friendly household, consider investing in these offerings.

To provide you with a better idea of what’s on the market, here are five of the best eco-responsible features you can integrate into your bathroom.

1. Solar Hot Water System

Hot water straight out of the tap and showers is definitely one of the greatest conveniences provided by modern technology. However, research reveals that water heating systems are among the biggest energy consumers in most homes.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to use energy from the sun to heat water at home, instead of fossil fuel-produced energy.  This solar hot water system can slash your household energy bill significantly every month. Have it installed by certified solar hot water plumbers. They can combine or hook the system up with your house’s primary energy source as a backup for those long, dark, and cold days.

2. Japanese Toilet

Japanese toilets come in a large variety of designs and configurations, but one particularly impressive toilet design is the one that has a tap above the tank.

The tap allows you to clean your hands straight after using the toilet, and the water used for that (grey water) can be used to flush the toilet. It’s a clever water recycling solution.

Also, the flushing technology of the toilet contributes to water economy. There are two settings to correspond to the two main functions of a toilet.

3. Moss Walls

Moss walls are usually installed for decorative purposes, but they are quite functional, too, especially in the bathroom. They can reduce the humidity when you’re taking a shower because moss feeds off of the water in the air. Studies likewise reveal that the moisture stability moss walls provide can improve lung and skin condition. 

At the same time, a moss wall can create cleaner air in the bathroom. You will find that you do not need an aroma diffuser as much, or even candles to deodorize the bathroom.

And lastly, moss walls offer insulation and noise-reduction. If you do not want to wake up other people (e.g. a fussy baby sleeping) while you’re in the bathroom, a moss wall (or walls) can surely help.

4. Skylight

Use natural lighting for your bathroom as there’s no better light source than the sun. You can also benefit from the vitamin D-rich sunlight coming in through your bathroom if you have a skylight.

Of course, this is a good idea if privacy is not an issue in your neighborhood. However, if a skylight is not possible due to the surrounding structures in your residential area, opt for a solar tube. Solar tubes will not offer a view into your bathroom, but they can bring natural light in.

5. Showerheads With the WaterSense Label

WaterSense certified showerheads can control the amount of water you consume when you bathe. It’s also worth noting that despite the reduced amount of water use, these showerheads make use of stronger pressure to ensure better cleaning power.

Some of these showerheads also boast a purification system. While this has no great contribution to the environment, they do benefit your skin. The filtering or purification feature of the showerheads gets rid of particulates that can cause skin irritation.

To replace your old showerheads with these water-efficient alternatives, make sure to hire highly experienced bathroom plumbers. This way, they can professionally work on replacing the showerheads and check if a few other attachments and fixtures need repair or replacement.

Creating a green bathroom may cost you a bit. The products and installation costs do not come not cheap. But if you think of the long-term benefits, you can be sure to recoup the cost of your investment in improving your bathroom, and help reduce energy and water waste in the process.


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