The cryptocurrency order management system offers global connectivity across 160 crypto exchanges. It allows investors to trade with all exchanges simultaneously and order management system features single click on one OMS platform. The blockchain terminal provides single click trading to access global liquidity across major exchanges. It provides a deep compliance framework which satisfies the strict hedge fund requirements.  Cryptocurrency exchange integrations utilize compliance guard technology to display information in a compliance driven environment. Order management system creates powerful tools to address traditional and cryptocurrency assets. The features included in order management system are reports, accounting, end to end platform and institutional grade tools.

The rich features of cryptocurrency order management system are regulatory reporting, real time auto arbitrage, integrated accounting system, native support for crypto assets, and advanced real time checks. Easy customization is the elegant attraction of order management system and it features full custody management system. The amazing features of order management system are modern trading platform, real time order execution, multicurrency exchange, and open architecture. They provide white label solutions to other leading financial institutions and user privilege capabilities make them stand out from other financial products. Order management system is an end to end unique cryptocurrency solution and it provides real time data feed.

Rich Features of Cryptocurrency Order Management System

  • Cryptocurrency order management system (OMS) allows investors to execute trade in leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Real time charting for cryptocurrencies is another coveted attraction of cryptocurrency OMS.
  • It is an institutional grade crypto trading platform and institutional investors of the contemporary era are interested in cryptocurrencies.
  • Reliable automated tools have become the part and parcel of crypto OMS and Stonegate global offers a full stack trading and risk management platform.
  • The institutional grade system of crypto OMS helps to seamlessly connect to multiple exchanges.
  • Stonegate global offers a unified interface across different crypto exchanges and fast order execution is the prominent feature of order management system.

Portfolio management is another key feature of cryptocurrency order management system. Investors face difficulties in tracking profits and loss in real time and OMS eliminates these types of problems. A cryptocurrency order system allows investors to see real time and historical profit and loss over any time interval. The biggest advantage of OMS is that it can be used to perform real time monitoring of positions across exchanges and wallets. Excellent security features offered by order management system makes it popular among investors.

Faster Decision Making Capabilities of OMS

Excellent customer support and risk management capabilities are the fascinating attractions of prominent cryptocurrency order management system. It permits investors to run simulation based scenarios that generate risk metrics within a very short time. Faster and effective decision making capabilities make OMS an essential utility among crypto traders. The cryptocurrency order system allows investors to utilize, create, format and receive graphical reports on current trading. The comprehensive cryptocurrency suite of Stonegate global helps institutional investors with the tools needed to inhabit the crypto space.  Creating an OMS meeting the requirements of cryptocurrency market will be beneficial to the entire cryptocurrency system.

  • Cryptocurrency order management system provides all the necessary tools to enter the dream world of cryptocurrency.
  • Volume, scale, liquidity and stability punctuate an OMS created by companies like Stonegate digital.
  • Building an effective crypto trading solution will help institutional investors to reap rich benefits.
  • OMS is a crypto asset management platform tying together the global crypto exchanges in a single interface.
  • Decades of experience in asset management field makes Stonegate digital shine with glory.
  • It facilitates investments in crypto instruments for newcomers and veterans alike and wealth of experience in asset management is the commendable feature of prominent providers of cryptocurrency order management system.
  • OMS is an electronic system developed to execute security orders in a cost effective manner.

Brokers and dealers make use of cryptocurrency order management system while filling orders for various types of securities. Dealers will be able to track the progress of each order throughout the system and OMS is also referred as trade order management system. An order has to be placed in a trading system and it contains information like security identifier, order type, order size, order limit, order instructions, and order transmission. OMS is a software system which facilitates the execution of trade orders through FIX protocol.

Financial Information Exchange is an electronics communication protocol used to share international real time exchange information associated with the security transaction. Communicating transactions in cryptocurrency order management system can be done through the use of custom application programming interface. The FIX protocol links hedge funds and investment firms to hundreds of crypto currency firms using the OMS. The cryptocurrency order management system can be used on both the buy side as well as the sell side. It helps to manage the trade lifecycle and automate investment across different platforms. Sell side OMS will have exchange connectivity whereas buy side OMS will be concerned with connecting to sell side establishments.

A cryptocurrency order management system allows firms to access information on orders entered into the system including details on all open orders. Conventional OMS supports portfolio management by translating asset allocation actions into orders for the buyer side. OMS is a crucial development in the cryptocurrency industry and the significant cost saving associated with OMS makes it favourable among investors. Many firms are planning to capitalize on the increased spending for order management system. The elegant features of order management system are professional platform, bitcoin index, data services and proprietary analytics.

Cryptocurrency order management system is the tool for institutional bitcoin traders and it features market analytics, blockchain insights, team communication and compliance communication. A typical robust bitcoin index is designed to prevent manipulation and order management system serves as the reference rate for tens of millions of dollars of derivative products. Combination of world class data tools is the key feature of OMS and it offers insight on trading markets and blockchain networks. Order management system is an institutional operating platform for investment managers focused on crypto assets. It offers complete solution for investing and trading of crypto assets and its suite of services include connectivity and exclusion. The crypto order management system is designed keeping in mind institutional investors.