The bathroom vanity with sink is an integral part of the Bathroom. Nowadays, the sink is not only sanitary equipment but also an essential element of the interior.

One of the perfect and unusual solutions for your Bathroom will be the choice of a glass sink and vanity store. This vessel sink looks luxurious and elegant. This is a rather stylish and original attribute that suits both classic and modern styles. One of the advantages of such sinks is that they are made of Glass with a thickness of at least 12 mm, which speaks of their reliability and safety.

The Glass itself gives a feeling of lightness, airiness, freedom. Such sinks will be primarily valuable for small bathrooms, a size 24 inches bathroom vanity.

There are several varieties of glass sinks:

Wall-mounted sinks with cabinets are an ideal option for small bathrooms and can not be substituted. Such sinks are attached in a special way so that the space under the sink remains free and the room seems spacious.

Overhead sinks are a practical option. Saves enough space. These sinks are built into furniture or placed on a unique freestanding surface.

Pedestal-mounted glass sinks are quite an original solution for the Bathroom, which will definitely add a twist to the interior. It is characterized by a long service life.

Corner sinks – Takes up often unused space in the corner, which saves space. These sinks are suitable even for tiny bathrooms.

The main plus of corner sinks is that they can be both very miniature sizes and standard sizes and can be located in absolutely any bathroom.

Special features of glass bathroom sinks

The glass sink is a combination of sophistication, luxury, perfect design, and practicality. For its manufacture, impact-resistant tempered types of Glass are used to resist mechanical, chemical, and other influences. It can have a different shape and size, differ in the type of installation and type of manufacturing. The color range of glass bathroom sinks is quite varied. Products in black, red, pink, blue, white, and other colors are on sale. The residual choice of plumbing fixture depends on the interior design and taste preferences of the buyer.

The main advantages of the Glass Sinks products

• Artistic conciseness and aesthetic appearance. The plumbing fixture gives the room a visual lightness, looks beautiful, can be easily combined with various building materials and sanitary ware.

• Environmental friendliness. The glass sink does not emit toxic substances hazardous to human health, it allows you to create not only a favorable atmosphere in the Bathroom but also a healthy microclimate.

• Resistance to chemical and mechanical stress. Glass is chemically inert, does not react with detergents; despite its fragility, it can withstand sudden temperature changes; to break it, you need to make a lot of effort. Household shocks and falling bottles will definitely not harm the product.

• Security. The sinks of the considered group have well-polished edges, which excludes accidental injuries.

• Long service life. On average, a plumbing fixture lasts up to 20-30 years, retaining its aesthetic perfection, and does not require special care. Even a colored glass sink will be decorating a bathroom for decades. Special paint, thanks to which the product receives the required shade, does not wash off, does not crack, and does not lose its declared properties.

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