Fencing solutions have taken a turn towards being better and more attractive, especially the pool fencing. There are multiple materials that you can choose from different styles but glass pool fencing is considered to be the ultimate choice. You have a wide range of options once you decide to opt for this type of fencing. There are misconceptions of using glass pool fencing, but there is no need to worry because these tend to be absolutely safe besides being attractive. They can be maintained easily and also give a feeling of additional space.

Glass fencing

Designs for Glass Pool Fencing

  • Framed Glass Fencing

These framed fencing made of glass are more on the traditional side with standard panes of glass being held by posts of stainless steel to keep it in place. These posts are embedded into the ground and so they tend to add to the sturdiness of the fencing. These posts are worked on first and then the glass panes slid from the top. After this the top bar is added making it secure. This can give you a good view of the outside even if you are indoors.

  • Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless glass fencing is working out as a preferred choice among homeowners as this gives a feeling of having no barriers. The glass used in this type of fencing is extra strong and stainless steel spigots are used to keep them in place. These spigots are drilled into the surface which surrounds the pool or even cemented. You might have small gaps between the glass panes.

  • Semi-Framed Pool Fencing

These glass fencings involve the sides of the glass panes slid into a fame which is made of stainless steel, leaving the bottom and the top free. This gets rid of any gaps in the panes but can also give you an open view.

Besides choosing from the above, you can think of making the pool deck of wood, which goes perfect with the glass fencing you have. You can think of walkways with stones in order to make it more attractive. Glass pool fencing along with a perfect landscape can change the total appearance of your outdoors. You can also think of having pool lights, giving it a total different look. Glass pool fencing can be inviting and it could also be sure at the same time.

Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Besides the many benefits Glass Pool Fencing offers, you can be assured that this can blend with any type of décor. As said earlier, glass is a tough material can it can last longer than you imagine. Using safety glass for the fencing, you need to be informed that these are made of solid sheets leaving no gaps’ for children to sneak through. The glass used for this type of fencing is visually obtrusive on the lesser side compared to fences made of metal. The thickness of these panes vary from 8mm to 12mm. Obviously, works out a little more expensive as compared to other types of fencing but is totally worth the cost.

Choosing the manufacturers of Glass Pool Fencing

Once you have decided on the glass pool fencing, you need to decide on the manufacturer. That is, looking for those who believe in quality of the product and the service offered. Besides the appearance the style and the durability factors of the fencing should be considered and this is possible if the manufacturer can take the responsibility of the same. You can think of looking online and comparing the different prices quoted by the manufacturers. You should receive the value for the money spent.