Without careful tending, your garden can quickly get out of hand. That well pruned, neat space that you had a few months ago has suddenly turned into an overgrown mess that doesn’t lend itself to outdoor relaxation at all. Completely redoing the whole garden is expensive and it takes time that you probably don’t have, so, what do you do? Well, you could just deal with it and accept that you’re one of those people that lets their garden grow into a jungle, or you could use try one of these cheap and easy ways to give your garden a facelift.

Clean The Patio

I bet you probably think the patio or the decking in your garden is pretty clean but it isn’t. You’ve just forgotten what color it was when you first put it in. Over the years all of that grime builds up and you don’t notice it gradually getting dirtier and dirtier until that clean looking patio is a murky grey slab. If you get yourself a high pressure pump and a pressure washer, you can blast all of that grime off and you’ll have a patio that looks brand new, without having to pay to replace the whole thing. If you’re unsure about buying a pump, you can find out more here. It’s also worth redoing the gaps between the slabs as well. Just take a small trowel and scrape out all of those weeds and clumps of moss, then get some sand and refill them. You’ll be surprised just how much difference it’ll make.

Gravel Path

Another simple fix for a bad area in the garden is to put a gravel path down. If you create a garden that doesn’t need as much maintenance then you won’t have to worry about it getting out of hand as often. When you start getting fed up of pulling out all of those weeds and mowing the lawn every few weeks, just dig it all up and replace it. Put down a load of weed killer and some weed suppressant material then just cover it with some gravel. It’s cheap and easy to do but it looks far better than a mess of weeds.

Fairy Lights

There’s no limit to what you can do with a few well placed fairy lights. They’ll turn any area from a boring space into a magical wonderland in seconds, and the garden is no exception. If you’ve got trees, a wall, or any other structure in the garden, just drape a few lights around and you’ve made the garden look infinitely better with zero effort and only a few dollars spent.


When you’re looking for a long term solution that stops the garden from getting out of control again, think trees instead of flowers. Flowers die and need replacing and if you don’t water them and feed them regularly enough, they’ll wilt and look rubbish. Trees, on the other hand, are pretty low maintenance. Just stick them in the ground and let them do their own thing. It’ll take a bit of effort to put them in to start with but after that, you won’t have to do anything with them apart from the occasional prune.

A high maintenance garden isn’t for everybody but with these simple hacks, you can give your garden a facelift with spending time or money.