Valentines’ Day is the day to take the time from your busy life schedules, and express your affection and care to the one you love. Valentine’s Day holds a lot of expectations, even if the person is not expecting, do surprise them and make them feel loved.

When it comes to choosing a gift for your wife, may get difficult, but don’t worry yourself, as in this article there are many options listed which would make the process easy. You can buy women dresses online, or nice bouquet, perfumes, chocolates, and what not. So gentleman, be ready to amaze and pamper your wife, as life is happy when wife is.

  1. Bouquet of flowers and chocolates

Why not start the day with the basics, and the most preferred? That being chocolates and flowers. But make it a little more special than that. You could add a sweet love note inside of each chocolate wrapper, and get her to smile. Rather than giving a big bouquet, you can put a flower everywhere, such as next to the pillow, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, etc. Keep giving her or presenting her with as many flowers as such, all day long.

  1. Plan a weekend away

Take her on a trip that she has been telling you about, from a long time. So go ahead, surprise her with this, as it would make her the happiest. Plan a perfect get away, make all the reservations, set a dinner date, book a spa therapy, take her to dance, and enjoy your time. Prior to this trip you can buy western dress online, which you can let your wife shortlist as well, rather than making it a surprise. So let her decide upon 2-3 dresses and then buy the one you like the most. She can wear this beautiful dress on the surprise trip you are taking her.

  1. Netflix and chill

This is something you can do any day, but in busy life schedules it gets difficult to spare some time. So relax at home, order some food, or cook something yourself, and watch some romantic movie. Sometime simple things are the best.

  1. DIY gift

Handmade gifts get much more meaningful when guys take the effort to do it. As we know how guys are impatient with all these artsy things. So write some heartfelt words and give her a love letter, or make nice mix tape, or get some customized gifts made such as balloon, pillow, phone cover, etc. with both of your photos. This may seem very casual, and not too much, but your wife would find it to be very special, as you took the time and effort.

  1. Dinner date

Set a perfect dinner, by reserving a nice corner side table, or may be book the whole restaurant, if you are friend with the owner of that diner. Arrange the whole place with candles, and get the menu card prepared with all the dishes she loves to have. End this night with a nice romantic dance.

Valentine’s Day is the best time to spoil your wife, by making it special and most romantic for her. Hope these ideas helps you plan the best.