For couples who feel that the romance has gone out of their lives after getting married, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for reigniting the spark. It can be quite difficult to decide what to gift to your partner once you have ruled out the clichéd teddy, a bunch of roses or chocolates for that matter. As one expert says that when deciding on the gift if you have to think very hard whether she will like it or not, it is not worth choosing it in the first place. Some practical tips for choosing Valentine’s Day gifts that work:

Real Flowers from a Real Florist

If you are the kind that thinks flowers are just flowers, you could be seriously tempted to pick up a bouquet wrapped in cellophane from the local store. To make a real impression, it is better if you visit an actual florist and ask her to put together a really exclusive floral arrangement that will take your romance quotient several notches up. Flowers from a florist are more diverse, fresher and the arrangement can be put together in a beautiful hand-painted vase that will remind you both of this special day long after the flowers have withered. If flowers leave you confused, try reading a reliable flower gifting guide.

Jewelry That Is Not Cheap

After flowers and chocolates, jewelry is perhaps the most-popular Valentine’s Day gift. However, most of it tends to be practical and cheap because the focus is often on the budget and not the purpose. If you are really keen on pleasing her it may be worth your while to start saving from a few months earlier and get a really beautiful piece from a reputed jeweler instead of ordering online the first ring that you spot with a discount sticker. Sure, good jewelry can be expensive, but if you plan it right and make your purchase well before the conventional gifting seasons like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you are sure to be able to make your budget stretch further.

A Romantic Getaway

In case both of you love exploring different places, it can be a wonderful idea to get away for a romantic tryst. You should go someplace or do something that both of you enjoy; while a full-blown African wildlife safari may not quite be doable, there’s no reason why you can’t hire a camper and go off for a few days exploring the countryside. If you love the theater and the arts, any of the metros would have enough attractions, however, don’t make the mistake of trying to squeeze in a couple of business meetings during the visit. There’s a lot of stylish accommodation at exotic locations available really cheap for a relaxed and romantic vacation.


The entire purpose of celebrating Valentine’s Day is to keep your romance fresh and reaffirm your commitment to your partner. Any gift that you choose will work well provided you pay attention to what your partner will like. It’s how you present it to her that will make all the difference.