Well, we are in the middle of the week and already thinking about Friday night. That cannot be a good sign. Not to worry though. We are sure you are thinking the same thing. Looking forward to the weekend is the best motivation to get you through a long day of work. We have a question for you. How to do you get ready for hitting the town? We have got some ideas that we think you might love. Make this weekend truly special with these awesome tips.


Before The Night

Shopping Spree!

Come on, you know you want to. Hit the high street and spend some of your hard-earned cash on a new outfit for the weekend. Look at what the celebs have been wearing in the news this week. Could their new style also be right for you? Have some fun with it. You can spend hours in the changing rooms with your friends, trying on lots of different choices. Drag your boyfriend, husband or partner along and watch them slowly lose the will to live. The more the merrier. They will secretly love seeing you in your new wear.

Sparkle And Shine

Spend a separate day going to a jewelry store. Yes, we know the bill is already large. But we did not say this was a plan for a cheap night out did we, besides we have got a tip for saving money. One weekend out, one weekend in. You can use the money you save from the previous weeks to pay for the next one. Then go to one of the best jewelry stores. Shops like this have showrooms designed to give personalised treatment. They will tell you what jewelry will best suit you and the occasion. If you are going clubbing, you are perhaps looking for some glitz and glamour. Big necklaces and some long hearings. Is the event quite proper? Then you probably want something more low key and traditional. The jewelry store will be able to help you out and give you the best advice.

On The Night

Start The Party Early!

Invite all your friends around to do your makeup and outfits together. Getting ready in a group is so much more fun than getting ready alone. Even if you are the only one going, they can help you get ready for the occasion. Put on some music and let yourself go. You can even have a little to drink. Note, we said a little, not a lot. You do not want to be lost before you have even begun. But a little bit of alcohol before hand can help boost your confidence and make it a night you will never forget.

Different Styles

Before you settle on an outfit try different ones. Find the one that matches your body image the best. Experiment with different patterns and colours. If you want to be one of the best dressed you have to do the leg work. Ask your friends advice and they will help you become the queen of the night.

Take these tips and have fun when you go out this weekend. We certainly will be.