The French are known for their chic, sophisticated style, and many have tried over the years to emulate it. Simplicity is the key, whilst never giving in to slobbish tendencies or fashion fads. In Paris, the style capital of the world, you would have to search long and hard to see someone wandering around in tracksuit bottoms unless they were actually going for a run.

Make-Up & Complexion

The French look is pale and interesting when it comes to complexion, so applying the old adage ‘less is more’ along with the make-up is vital. Fake tan and French style simply do not mix. Even if it takes you hours to achieve the perfect fresh faced look, the aim should be to appear as if you just slicked on a bit of lip-gloss before leaving the house. Hair should be relaxed and simple also. The French don’t tend to go in for elaborate up-do’s, preferring to leave hair in loose waves or clip it back in an elegant chignon.The elegant french style and look


Dark or neutral colors should make up the bulk of any outfit. While one item of color can be added to an outfit, most French ladies keep it fairly understated. Black, navy, beige, cream, grey and white are the most popular colors, although a lot of women do off-set these with one show piece.

If there is one item the typical Parisian woman loves, it’s a scarf. Scarves are the must-have, year-round accessory of choice. They can be worn around the neck as intended, but also over the head, as a belt or in lieu of jewelry for a more casual look. They can be used to add the splash of color that brightens up an outfit, or to blend in seamlessly with the muted color scheme.

Clothes As An Investment

Quality most definitely wins over quantity in the Parisian fashion industry. Designer labels and other high quality items of clothing can be seen everywhere, and capsule wardrobes are far more common here than in the UK. Most French women see clothes as an investment, and will never purchase several cheap items when they can have one which will last a life-time.


Not only is outer-wear important, but underwear too. French bras and panties, silky slips and more abound on the high street. The ladies know that confidence is the most attractive thing in the world, and would never risk losing any self-assurance by heading out into the street in wash-day knickers. As the majority of clothes are form-fitting rather than loose, it’s important to consider what goes underneath. When you choose clothes because they look good on you, rather than because a magazine says you should own them, it makes sense to invest in the complete, head-to-toe outfit that makes you look and feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.