ladies-jeansSpring is almost here! If you’ve been lusting after a pair of jeans in a shop window, don’t put off your search any longer. Learn how to shop for jeans with confidence and success.

Retail windows are filled with brightly colored denim for the upcoming season. So tempting, yet so daunting! Jeans are perhaps the most difficult piece of clothing to shop for because our bodies are all so different. There’s gotta be a trick to doing this jeans thing with ease, right?

Right. It’s called a tailor.

  • Truth : That wasn’t what you wanted to hear, was it? But it’s the truth. No cut of jeans is flattering for every body type. The use of stretchy materials may make the fit seem more flattering at first, but those elastic fibers lose a bit of their strength each time the jeans are washed and dried. After a while, you’ll have ill-fitting jeans again; not to mention that stretch materials don’t do everyone justice, anyway. Getting your jeans tailored is the only way to achieve a stunning, personalized fit.
  • Secret : Contrary to rumor, spending more money on luxury jeans won’t make them fit better. They may feel nicer due to higher quality materials but if they aren’t your perfect fit, you’ll yearn to get them tailored anyway. Save cash by just getting nice jeans and having them altered.
  • Cost : Tailors don’t cost as much as you might think. I can get pants hemmed and taken-in at the waist for about $15. This is an exceptional bargain if I only spent $20-$30 on the jeans. I get jeans in the style that I want that fit perfectly for $35-$45. Just stop by an alterations store and get a price quote. You’ll be surprised! (Note: avoid bridal alteration stores as they’ll generally charge more for comparable services. I’ve had the best luck with alterations shops that are connected to dry cleaning services.)
  • Selection : In order for your alterations to go smoothly, you’ll want to pick the jeans that fit the widest part of your body comfortably. If other parts of the jeans are too big, they can be taken-in, yet the reverse is more difficult.

You’ll also want to avoid super stretchy synthetic fabrics. Alteration results consistently turn out better with standard denim. And if you’re getting the proper size tailored, you won’t need stretchy fabric to be comfortable and look great.

Another tip to keep your brightly colored spring jeans looking great: wash and dry them inside out to prevent fading.