Got a toothache? Remember when your parents would nag you about brushing twice a day and flossing after every meal? Well, you should have paid attention to them instead of swilling cola around your mouth and eating those spoonfuls of sugar.

Did you know that prolonged exposure to sugar will deteriorate your teeth? That’s right, the longer the sugar is in your mouth the worse the damage. You don’t want to be all gummy by the time you’re forty right? Not to mention the awful pain that comes with tooth decay.

You need to take care of your mouth, because not only are your teeth important to preserve, gum diseases can actually affect your heart too.


Whether you’ve got a nagging tooth pain in your back molar or just want to see if your mouth is in good shape, you need to see a dentist. I know going to the Dentist is a traumatising experience as a child that may have put you off seeing one as an adult, but you really need to get in that chair and let them have a poke around, it’s for your own good.

Whether you need a filling or just a simple scale and polish, going to the Dentist is something that will just have to happen. It’s not like you can do it yourself right?

Picking the Dentist that’s right for you is important. You want a nice clean surgery that’s local, and preferably has parking if it isn’t within walking distance. As for the Dentist themselves, while you’ll never run into anybody without the necessary qualifications running a dental surgery.

You want someone who will make you feel comfortable, especially if your Dentist as a child wasn’t particularly confidence inspiring. If you’re absolutely going to have someone poking around your mouth with sharp instruments, it should be someone who doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a horror movie.

If you’ve got a serious problem with the Dentist you’re at already, you can always leave. They won’t take it personally, I promise. Patients come and go, and they know that. Of course, they’re always pretty eager to maintain your custom, but that’s business.


One important thing about seeing your Dentist is making it regular. No year, two-year, or even three-year gaps between visits. If you want your dental health to remain in tip top shape, you need to go for a checkup every three to six months.

I know it’s daunting if you’re a bit of a dentophobe but, believe me, you’re going to be thankful you went if it keeps your teeth all in your mouth for as long as possible. You don’t want dentures this early, do you? I didn’t think so. Just relax, lie back in the chair, close your eyes if you need to, and do what the Dentist says.

Follow these simple instructions and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just remember to brush twice daily, and floss regularly, just like how your parents used to tell you. They were right all along!