If you are looking to sell your used car, it can be overwhelming. After all, if you go to a dealership, they might offer you way under market value for it. However, when it comes to selling it independently, you might be afraid that you won’t be able to negotiate effectively. But with these tips, you can get the price you want and be happy with the end result:

Looking at More than Price

When looking to sell your car you want to get the highest price possible. However, if you don’t look at other aspects you might miss a great deal. There are various other ways to negotiate that don’t involve the final price itself.


For instance, if you are selling a quite expensive car, you might not be able to find a lot of cash buyers. If you rely on the buyers that are going to be able to afford buying it all at once with cash, you might be limiting your pool of options. When negotiating, consider offering people payments with the caveat that they pay a higher price in the end. That way you win and they win.


The Flinch

One of the techniques that you should master when you are selling your car is the flinch. This means that you react visibly with surprise and shock whenever the buyer throws out their first offer. If you don’t flinch and just act like their offer is normal, they won’t feel the need to lower it by much.


When you flinch, it should be right away and with true emotions. For instance, if they offer $5,000 then you might say “$5,000?! That’s not enough money!” and they will feel your shock and almost instantly offer a little bit more. It only takes seconds on your part but can add hundreds of dollars or more to their offer.


The Reluctant Seller Approach

Don’t go into the negotiation being too excited to sell your car. If you act too desperate, they will sense it. Therefore, they might make you an offer that is way below what they otherwise would have because they think you really want to sell the car badly. Act reluctant and play it cool.


Having Alternatives

When selling your car, having options is one of the most powerful moves you can make. When you have more options than the buyer, it means you can control the final price more. Being able to tell them that you have five other people in line will make them throw their best offer on the table.


Squeezing Their Timeline (and Keeping Yours Safe)

When selling your car, or anything, you want to find out the timeline for the people buying it. Ideally their timeline would be shorter than yours. For instance, if you find out they need to buy it within a week, and you need to sell it within 3 days, don’t mention how soon you need to sell it. Keep the leverage by encouraging them to buy it soon. Even though you want to sell it even sooner than they need it, you shouldn’t express that to them.


Get Training

Training is one of the best ways improve any skill. And with selling your car, naturally sales training is something that can get you better results. Instead of just reading theory on how to get more for your assets, you can learn from trained professionals and use it for your next car sale or other areas of your life.


Selling your car can be difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you have the right approach and strategy you can get a much nicer price for your used car than simply trying to wing it. So don’t miss out on the money you could have by avoiding these tips. Use them today so you can have peace of mind that your used car is going to bring in what you knew it should all along.