Australians are very fashion savvy. Street style to haute-couture, everything is fashion. Fashion isn’t just about the piece of clothing; it is cumulative of multiple factors like accessorising, hair, makeup, and choice of shoes. Every single look has its sense of touch. Some looks are bold, some glamorous, some bling, professional, vibrant, etc.

Women in the current scenario take fashion to a whole another level. Women’s clothing now offers a wide range of diverse fits, sizes, colours in items like women’s jeans, crop tops, bodysuits, and many more. From the ancient period until now, fashion for women has transitioned so well that it has broken many pre-existing stereotypes and is still blooming.

Everlasting Fashion Trends

Though fashion trends and styles are upgraded over the years, some style statements never get old. Many fashion enthusiasts and bloggers are quite innovative and reach out and educate numerous people about fashion. Here are few styling techniques which are never off the trending chart.


Layering isn’t something easy to style or to pull off. It is important to understand the craft and the choice of fabrics depending on the weather. Layering involves at the bottom, a base layer, a middle layer and an outer layer.

  • The base or bottom layer is about using comfortable undergarments, which can keep sweat intact.
  • The middle layer is to regulate body temperature. During the warm-season, use polyester briefs and tees as layers. During winters, use heavy polyester, full pants, which can hold warmth.
  • The outer layer is also known as the shell layer. It protects one from hot or cold breezes, rain, wind. Basic shrugs, scarfs, rain jackets, leather jackets can be paired suitably, and heavy woollen shrugs in times of indoor events make for great fits.

Denim on Denim: Denim is one of the valued essentials in fashion. These days, women’s jeans are available in a wide range of collections in different fits: flare, boot cut, skinny, straight, slim, and wide. The best quality denim will stand out in the wardrobe. Wearing denim jeans or a skirt best suited for one’s body type and pairing it with a denim jacket and a shirt of the same shade has always been an exemplar in fashion. Pairing it with boots or high heels, ear studs or rings, and sunglasses will elevate the look.

Animal and Floral Prints

These prints in clothing never go off the radar. Animal prints are always the epitome of fashion. Animal printed clothing paired with a natural tone and minimal accessory keeps the silhouette elegant and exotic.

Floral prints are a must to achieve a breezy yet classy and aesthetic look. Floral skirts paired with nude shade crop tops or cardigans never escapes attention. Floral designer gowns tailor-made for celebrities marks the trend year after year. Floral prints are a popular style in men’s fashion now, with many men starting to get experimental.

Fashion and Wardrobe Essentials

  • The first and foremost is everyday denim which includes jeans, shirts, skirts, jackets.
  • The plain shirts in different shades which is always a style saver in a time of crisis.
  • Turtle neck, off-shoulders, bodysuits, cardigans, knitwear, basic shrugs, and scarfs are all mandatory regular essentials in a closet.
  • Wrap, denim, floral, straight, A-line, pencil, fitting, skirts are unavoidable apparel.
  • Accessories like bags, necklaces, chokers, wrist chains, sunglasses could add bling to the outfits.
  • Pairs of sneakers, comfortable heels, floaters, boots best finish the look put together.