Hedge trimmers are necessary if you own a lawn and are considering trimming it to make it nice-looking. When searching for a hedge trimmer, it might be confusing because of the various options available in the market. But it is classified into two categories: gas and electric hedge trimmers.

Gas Hedge Trimmer

If you own a bigger lawn with large hedges, a gas hedge trimmer is a good choice. They are harder to use for beginners, they weigh more, and they cost more, but they can take on jobs that are tougher.

On the other hand, if you use the hedge trimmer for your unruly hedges or for commercial purposes, this gas type is going to make the work easier.


• Cordless

• Long-term hedge trimmer

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Majority of home users consider and utilize electric hedge trimmers. They are more lightweight and are hence easier to use. In addition, they are quieter, more affordable and easier to start and maintain compared to gas models. However, it is not good enough for tough trimming jobs, it is slower and not easy to use in this case.

Electric hedge trimmer has either cordless or with cord options. The ones with cords can be used in a distance as you can use an extension cord. It will be convenient because you need an outlet. Meanwhile, cordless ones are easier to use because there is nothing that trails behind you but it can be used for as long as their battery charge lasts.


• Easy to use

• Maintenance is not required

• Time Saver

• Cordless

• Easy to carry as it’s lightweight

• With available extendable trimmer

• One-push button to trim your hedges

Most people don’t have time nowadays, so you might prefer to use something that will cost you high but will bring you the level of convenience you want. Because of its lightness and quickness, you will love the electric hedge trimmer. You don’t have to spend time for maintenance compared to the gas hedge trimmer.

Below is the list of factors you have to consider when you buy hedge trimmers:

1. Cost. The most affordable ones are the corded hedge trimmers. They have lightweight models that are best for simple jobs. You may spend at least $30. If you add the convenience of cordless models, you may get a double price of $60. High-powered battery, faster charging time and the longer blade can cost you, too. However, these can make trimming jobs easier for you.

Gas hedge trimmers, on the other hand, cost more than electric hedge trimmers. They have a starting price of at least $250 up to $500. The more expensive ones are used by businesses and contractors.

2. Power. The main signal to get the amount of power you want to use for a hedge trimmer is the power source. Gas models have a higher level of power versus electric ones. Nonetheless, electric models offer different power levels, too. The ones with high voltage can do tougher jobs easier and faster compared to affordable models with lower voltage.

3. Weight. This has the impact on the use of a hedge trimmer. It will be more difficult to hold a heavy one, but it tends to be more powerful. The lighter model is safer and easier to use.

4. Length. Hedge trimmers with longer blades will make it easier for you to trim hedges more evenly. They tend to be difficult to handle and wield when you are in a tight space. Typically, hedge trimmers have 18-inch blades that work just fine.

5. Blade types. Two main issues you should be aware of are whether they are single or double sided and how far the blade teeth are apart from each other. The blade gap can affect your usage of the gadget. Single-sided blades are easier and safer to handle, while double-sided can speed up your work because the blades cut both ways at the same time.