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Wedding planning can be difficult for a bride-to-be who wants her special day to be flawless. Particularly if you’re doing it for the first time, it’s possible to get overwhelmed by the amount of planning you may need to do to have a memorable wedding day. Lucky for you, I have some great wedding planning ideas that you can utilize to make your special day successful.

Select a unique, rustic theme

Some time back, it was very difficult for wedding planners to go beyond the traditional “romantic” theme. However, themes and trends are changing in recent years, and they’re affecting how couples are displaying their weddings. To select a proper modern wedding theme, you need to see beyond a color scheme. Some of the popular and unique wedding themes you may want to consider are the rustic and outdoor themes. A rustic wedding theme is characterized by a ranch setup, older buildings, cellar doors combined with natural wood, native greenery and other similar elements. Such a theme would be great for your wedding, as it gives off a simple, more relaxed feel and look.

You can also incorporate an outdoor or garden theme into a rustic theme. An outdoor theme enables you to select and establish the kind of mood you desire. It can help you create a springtime, floral or wintery look and feel. Imagine what you’d end up with by pairing that with a rustic theme.

Consider boudoir photos as a gift for your spouse

Make sure you take the time to consider a special gift for your partner before or after the wedding. Boudoir photos can be a great option because it is a private gift just between you and your spouse. Do your research ahead of time to find the best photographer for your needs. This means that you’re likely to end up with the best pictures. For example, all you need to do is make a simple online search such as, “black and white boudoir photography in Columbus, Oh” or your particular locale to see some options in your area. After getting a list of photographers, you’ll be able to get the most fitting professional by comparing their work.

Choose a sit-down meal over a buffet

Since your wedding is not a casual home event, a buffet would not be the best way to go. It’s not really a good idea to make guests wait in line for food at a wedding, especially these days when everyone is less willing to make physical contact with other people in public. Besides that, we both know that your guests will not eat at the same time, and having to go back in line because they forgot to pick something would mess up the flow of your party.

Be meticulous about the budget

Chances are your wedding will be the biggest event you’ve ever hosted. Thankfully, according to Forbes, you can have your dream wedding regardless of your budget as long as you plan for it. Making a sound wedding budget requires you to tally up your savings, prepare for the unexpected costs and make the relevant cuts if you have to exceed your total budget. You need to track your spending and set aside a fund to cushion for things you may forget as well as the surprises.

As you do that, avoid charging anything you may not be able to pay off in one month, and save as much as you can. One of the most effective ways of saving is shrinking the guest list, going off peak and hosting the ceremony and the reception in one place.


Don’t let your wedding planning process stress you. Remember, at the end of the day your wedding is about you and your partner enjoying your relationship and celebrating the start of your lives together. With the tips we’ve discussed above, planning your wedding may actually turn out to be a fun experience.