Kids are naturally messy when it comes to their schoolwork and closets. However, organization skills aren’t something that they should dread at all costs. Let us take a close and detailed look at six fun ways to teach your kids how to organize.

Organization Games

To start things off, organization games are awesome for keeping your kids’ attention. When things are fun, they’re much more likely to participate. Set up a game where the objective is to keep the room or closet organized. They’ll love competing against one another and proving that they are the neatest of them all.

Computer Desktop

Your kids are likely learning about computers and how to navigate about the internet. The desktop of a computer is a great place to learn how to stay organized. There are so many icons that they can organize by type or color. When a desktop is not cluttered, it’s so much easier to navigate about the icons and find exactly what you want. On a similar note, bookmarks in the browser are terrific for organizational skills. The bottom line is, you want to enable your kids to get to a certain webpage using a minimal number of clicks.


Labels are also perfect for organization. For example, if your kids are headed to a summer camp, use camp labels to distinguish their bags from others. Your children will love attaching these tags to their items and lining them up in rows. On one hand, these labels are crucial for assigning a name to the bag. In addition, they make the bags easy to visually distinguish. At a camp, there are so many kids running around that there’s no time to be wading through a sea of bags.


A closet is a place that is always in desperate need of an organization. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to make it a fun challenge for your kids. Challenge them to keep their clothes in a neat pile and their books in another. See if they can organize clothes by color to form a rainbow. When there’s an objective at the end of the tunnel, they’ll take the task seriously and with full effort. The best part is that the closet is located in your child’s room and they have full control over it. If things become messy, you’ll know who is responsible. However, if the closet is a premier example of organization skills, your child can take full credit for this.


If your kids are a little bit older, they might be taking notes for a couple of their classes. Messy notes are hard to sort through and nearly useless when studying for a test. Buy your kids some post-it tabs and stickies to place in their folder. They’ll love decorating the binder and keeping their notes organized at the same time. When it comes time to study, they’ll be able to immediately flip to the right page. These tabs are also great sources of motivation in a long study session.

Smartphone apps

Last but not least, smartphones have tons of potential for organization, just like a computer. Your children might have phones loaded with the latest games and apps. Encourage them to drag around the icons and sort the apps by type and usage. Kids love games, and they’ll be even more excited to make a game out of organizing games. Instead of letting the apps overflow on multiple screens, challenge them to put everything on one screen in a bunch of folders.

In conclusion, these are a couple of fun ways to teach your kids to organize. This is a valuable skill that they will retain for life. A little bit of organization goes a long way.