When it comes to finding one of the best locations to travel to with your entire family, San Ramon is one of the top locations to choose from. There are so many things that you can do in the area that are built for family fun. A vacation or an extended trip with your family means that there are many memories that can be made and many activities that you and your family can be a part of. Therefore, the following guideline is a few fantastic and fun things and tips that you and your whole family can do while experiencing the area at its best.


The hotels in the area are always a great place to start your trip. If you have a quality hotel to take care of you during your stay, you can be fully rested and refresh before you start each day. The hotels have been known to have many different features as well as a high-end staff that will love to help you decide your daily location planning. Therefore, make sure to grab a room at the San Ramon hotels as the first step, so you can start your journey with a comfortable place to relax.

Nature and Outdoor Fun:

If your family is bound to experience the beauty of the world of nature, then San Ramon is full of exciting places to travel to and feel one with nature. Just remember to wear a good pair of hiking shoes for the day. For example, a few places that are hot spots would be the following: Las Trampas Regional Wilderness, Redwood Regional Park, Lafayette Reservoir, Mount Diablo State Park, Hayward Japanese Gardens, Walnut Creek, Iron Horse Trail, Sulphur Creek Nature Center.

Educational Fun:

If you are a family that loves to learn and see what history took place here, then the following places may be a great choice of activities to do with your family while you are in the area: Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Blackhawk Museum, or the Oakland Zoo. There are many different places and things to do that have an educational aspect to them that both you and your kids can enjoy.

Shopping Fun:

Who doesn’t love to shop? With so many new and fun shops to visit, you can guarantee that each member of your family will find something they want or could use even while on the trip. The following places are known hot spot shopping locations in the area, and you can find many different treasures to take home with you: Pleasanton Framers Market, Stoneridge Shopping Center, and Blackhawk Plaza.

Engaging Activity Fun:

With adding a few engaging activities in your trip, your family will have so much fun, they will want to return year after year. You can search for your trip dates online in order to find current events or festivals that you and your family can attend. Some of the most popular places to visit are the Alameda County Fairgrounds, Golden Tee Golfland, Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium, San Ramon Olympic Pool & Aquatic Park, My Gym, The Golden Skate, San Ramon Central Park, Athan Downs Park, ClubSport San Ramon, Mach Martial Arts, Bladium Sports & Fitness Club, plus many more.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the next time you are looking to plan a fun, exciting and fully engaging trip for you and your family, consider going to San Ramon. With all the unique and interesting places to visit, there can be a day planned out for each family members interests. There is anything from nature trails, a full day of great shopping, educational places, sports complexes, aquatic centers and more in the area. You and your family are bound to have an unforgettable adventure.

Once you complete your full day of activities, then head back to the San Ramon hotels and rest your head down comfortably, getting ready to start another day full of adventure and excitement. In addition, do not forget your camera, there is so much to do that you will want to capture all of those moments with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Start your research now for your hotel, and begin planning your trip. This one will be a memory and experience that will last a lifetime for you and your family.