If you are looking for virtual team-building activities for your team that boost trust and confidence in each other, then team-building activities have become the first major requirement to strengthen your team. Leaders like Kris Thorkelson are conducting team meetings as a great opportunity to unite everyone on the same page.  When your team bonds, it improves communication skills and productivity among employees; while planning team-building activities, there are certain team rules. Dr. Meredith Belbin identified team roles; Belbin suggested that you can manage your weakness and strength by understanding your role with the team, as it will define how much you contribute to them. If you are looking for a more balanced team, you should follow the Belbin team model.

Fun Team Building Activities

Corporate Dinner

Who doesn’t love an evening with food and dinner? The objective of corporate dinner is to let employees get out of their comfort zone and work with new team members. It can be arranged in a restaurant. Employees will be informed about the venue and time of dinner, and a group of people is invited from a different team; employees will get a chance to work with people which they haven’t met before.

Social Network Work

When you are dealing with people that are unknown to each other, a social network works best in that place. The objective of a social network is to introduce each participant and establish a good relationship between them.

How To Play?

Participants are asked to add their names and position on an index card and stick them on a whiteboard, and then each participant is asked to match the cards of people they already know; this will work as an icebreaker and bring connection between the team members.

Back Of the Napkin

The team will come up with a bunch of problems related to business, product, or any other issues, and all team will work together over the problem and draw the solution in the form of a flow chart or diagram on the back of a napkin and many solutions and new ideas are evaluated, this activity promotes unconventional thinking.

Online Gaming Sessions

Playing games with your coworkers improves team communication. Some popular games like Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Dota, etc., require communication skills. To break the ice, pair up a new team member with a senior pro.

Final Thoughts

We already know how much we gain when we are divided into groups or a team. Every team needs a strong leader like Kris Thorkelson that arranges activities to boost trust in their employees. However, certain team-building activities will take just a minute, or some activities might take hours, some will build your communication and collaboration skills. Some people defined tips to foster strong teamwork that is not only educational but also entertaining. They help the team to learn from each other; how other people think, work, and solve problems. In our business life, we can only accomplish our goals and objectives when everyone contributes their time, skills, and power toward every project.

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