What is Frizzy Curly Hair?

Frizzy curly hair is hair that is mostly curly with patches of frizz that just won’t behave and join the curly hair party. The first thing you need to know about this type of hair is that curly hair is healthy, whereas frizzy hair is dry, damaged and unruly. It just won’t do what you want it to do and will soak up any moisture in the air and expand and crinkle, turning your careful styling into a wild poof of frizz.

What causes dry frizzy hair?

Dryness – Curly hair has lots of curves that keep oil from the scalp from flowing down the length of the hair. You could help distribute the oil by brushing it. But, brushing curly hair is also one of the things that damages it. So curly hair benefits from gentle applications of natural (vegetable, not mineral) oils to the length of the hair strands.

Shampooing curly hair also strips it of oils. So do allow as much time as you can stand between shampoos. Most shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is effective in removing oils from the hair, and this what can cause damage to your curly hair.

Rough handling – Brushing, too much combing, blow drying, too much handling, hair accessories, curlers
Heat – flat ironing, hot curling, hair dryers
Chemicals – perms, relaxers, texturizers, shampoos containing Sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oils, silicones, bleaches, dyes, chlorine, and saltwater

The list above contains a lot of methods that we normally use to make our hair look better. They are fast fixes and make hair look better in a short time. Yet, using those short term fixes actually damages our healthy hair, turning it in to frizz in the long term, and causing already damaged hair to break off.

Protecting curly hair

Oil protects curly hair from environmental damage by protecting the cuticles of the hair from breakage, and by keeping moisture inside the hair strand. Deep conditioners, hair masks and hot oil treatments are wonderful for curly hair. Curly hair needs to be protected against mechanical damage like brushing, and even moving against rough fabric, which is why many curly girls sleep on satin pillowcases.

Letting curly hair air dry enhances the curl pattern in the hair and cuts down on the frizz caused by blow drying. If you must blow dry your hair, use a diffuser and use as little heat as possible. Be gentle with your curly hair. Don’t wash it too often, don’t brush it, and try not to excite it by moving it too much.

Enhancing the curl

Here are some ways to enhance curls without drying them out and damaging your hair.
Leave in conditioners help keep your hair moist and help it curl.
Hair gels are wonderful for helping to define the curl pattern, eliminate the frizz, and hold your style.
Plopping — curly girls are so smart! Plopping works well for longer wet curly hair and helps your curls form as they dry.

When all else fails, you can gently encourage your hair to curl by twisting moistened hair into hair twists while it dries to calm the frizz and help your hair form a neat curl pattern.

Learning how to keep your curly hair healthy can be a challenge because so much of the hair styling methods we see on television commercials don’t work for curly hair, and in fact, they just make it drier and frizzier. Many thanks to the thousands of curly girls who have devised easy and effective ways for all of us to have healthy, beautiful, curly hair!