Double eyelid surgeries are popular among Asians. Many of them are born with a single eyelid and relatively smaller eyes. This is a hallmark of Asian beauty, but we can’t deny that having a double eyelid enhances our look on so many different levels. If you’re thinking of getting a double eyelid surgery, this article might help you get a head start. Let’s look at the most frequently asked questions about double eyelid surgery in Singapore.

1: Is double eyelid surgery safe?

Double eyelid surgeries are considered as a safe surgery. It’s common and the technology has been developed since many years ago. In many cases, complications happen because of the skin condition of the patient and the expertise of the surgeon. An example of skin condition would be allergies, or other certain sensitive skin issues that disrupts the recovery process, so your eyelid ends up looking not as nice as originally planned. Going to a surgeon that isn’t experienced in doing an eyelid surgery might also lead to a bad result. However, there is actually a problem that is bigger than complications. The biggest risk lies in whether you will like the result of the double eyelid surgery. Imagine coming out of surgery, looking at the mirror, and not liking the way you look at all. Oh no! This is what you really want to avoid. Make sure that the surgeon who will be operating on your eyelid is experienced and has a good rapport. Ask in detail about how your surgeon envisions your eyelid will look like after surgery. Provide as many and as detailed photo references that visualize your eyelid goal to your surgeon. If this part is covered, you won’t have to worry so much about safety because a double eyelid surgery is considered safe and common.

2: Is double eyelid surgery painful?

It won’t be painful at all during the surgery, but you will have to bear with some pain initially during your recovery. Before the surgery, your surgeon will give you some local anaesthesia to make sure you don’t feel anything during the procedure. This is usually injected on your upper eyelid and this injection will be a little painful. But other than the injection, you don’t have to worry about feeling anything during the surgery. After the surgery, you can expect some swelling and maybe a little bit of bleeding as well from your stitches and incisions. It won’t be comfortable at first and some people need painkillers to manage the pain, but this will only be for the first few days of recovery. The pain will be so worth it once you see how enhanced you look now after your eyelid surgery.

3: How much does double eyelid surgery costs in Singapore?

In Singapore, a double eyelid surgery costs around SGD$3200-$3,500 for the non-incisional stitching method, and around SGD$3,800-4,500 for the incisional method. The cost of your double eyelid surgery in Singapore will depend on several things, such as the facilities offered by the clinic or hospital of your choice. A more complete patient care facility will cost more than the more basic facilities. If you are on a tight budget, this can be something that you reconsider as you choose where you want to get your eyelid surgery. Some other factors that will affect your double eyelid surgery cost in Singapore are:

  • Pre-operation consultations and examinations
  • Post-operation follow-ups and examinations
  • Medications that are specific to your case
  • Complications and side effects after the surgery

If you are getting a double eyelid surgery purely for cosmetic reasons, your insurance won’t cover the surgery. For some people, they have other reasons aside from cosmetics. Sometimes the eyelid is drooping or is too big that it begins to disturb the vision. This reason might be eligible for an insurance claim.