There is no doubt that there has never been a president quite like Trump. His policies are divisive, and some say the language he uses is not dignified. Some might even say that America is more divided now than it has been since the days of Abraham Lincoln. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, it’s definitely true that a lot is changing under Trump’s administration. As with any changes, this has the potential to affect you and your lives. The following are four things you should know about his foreign policies that could affect you or those around you.

Travel Ban

The Muslim travel ban is one of the most worrisome policies this administration has attempted to implement. From the start, Trump said this ban was necessary because terrorists exist within this community. Still, the policy was not welcomed by many, including a few judges that called it a discriminatory policy and one that the US could not implement. Eventually, a water-downed version passed, but Trump is still attempting to tweak this ban.

Immigration Control

You may remember that during his campaign, Trump promised to build a wall on the southern border of our country to keep out illegal immigrants. That’s one promise he made that – for now at least – will remain unfulfilled. That being said, Trump has ordered the increase of spending on immigration control.

He has hired thousands of immigration officers to ensure the borders stay safe. This has definitely marred the US in the eyes of many people in South American and in the United States. The policies this President has implemented has, understandably, reduced tourism to the US, and Americans are not as welcomed to some of these countries as they were before.

American First

America has always been a country others respect. The problem is that this is actually changing under Trump’s administration due to some of its foreign policies. Banning people based on religion and attempting to prevent immigration are just a few examples, but there is more. Trump does not want to accept refugees, which is setting a specific tone for the country. American is starting to seem more and more unwelcoming than ever before.

Trading Issues

You’ve probably seen the popular meme with our President declaring “this is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals”. True to this representation, the Trump administration has had some troubles with trading. Trump’s America is not playing well with countries like Mexico, Japan, and China. Trump seems to be changing foreign policy to favor specific countries in the Middle East and Russia. This is changing the dynamics of trade, meaning that some of the items you purchase at certain prices might skyrocket later.

In essence, Trump is not being as cooperative in the world of finance as other American leaders before him.  There is no telling what else might happen under Trump’s administration. It has only been a few months, but he has changed US image around the world. Some sites like Top 10 Jungle have whole sections devoted to administrative errors made so far. It is not uncommon for an American to travel to another country and confirm to others that support for Trump is not unanimous.