The ski resort town of Breckenridge has been a popular getaway destination among travellers for its beautiful powdery snow and excellent skiing opportunities. Every year thousands of tourists rent one of the Breckenridge villas and visit this beautiful town to enjoy skiing on the beautifully maintained tracks. However, besides skiing, this popular little ski resort has a lot of other activities and attractions to offer to its visitors too. The town has a plethora of all year round Alpine activities for you to enjoy. In fact, if youare not particularly fond of skiing, a trip to Breckenridge still can be a perfect option to spend a memorable holiday if you take part in these activities. Here are four activities besides skiing which you must try out during your trip to Breckenridge, to make your vacation truly memorable.

1. Go on a gold mine tour

Gold Rush may have started in California, but this town in Colorado has its fair share of Gold Rush history. The town was founded in 1859, as gold was discovered in the surrounding hills of the area.You can experience that golden history associated with the town if you go on a gold mine tour while you are in Breckenridge. You will get to experience what it was like, trying to find gold. Most of the gold mines remain closed during the winter months, however, during the summer months, you can easily book a tour for your family and yourself.

2. Try some oxygen at the Oxygen Bar

This is one of the most unique experiences that you can get during your trip to Breckenridge. As the town is situated at quite a high altitude, with a base elevation of about 9,600 feet, the oxygen level of the surrounding air is quite low which may result in some kind of altitude sickness. For that reason, the town of Breckenridge has its own Oxygen Bar, aka The O2 Lounge. Here you can grab a bar stool and breath air which is rich with around 90 percent oxygen. You can either go for a 15, 30 or 45-minute session. Apart from the oxygen-rich air, the bar also offers hot coffees, teas, hot chocolates and a range of smoothies for you to enjoy.

3. Go on a walking history tour

If you want to know more about the history of Breckenridge, going on a walking history tour may be the perfect activity for you. During this tour, you will get to walk through the store district of Breckenridge, interacting with the local people. The families of some of these people have been living in this town for over a hundred years, and the stories that get to hear from them are truly priceless. You will get to hear some thrilling stories of the time during the Gold Rush, stories of people who came to see the gold or you will get to know about the daily lives and culture of the people of Breckenridge.

Go on a dog-sledge ride

If you don’t want to ski because you cannot ski, but you enjoy the idea of soaring through the snow, then a dog-sledge ride can be perfect for you. Breckenridge offers you a number of dog-sledging opportunities. You will get to ride on a sledge pulled by a number of trusty four-legged friends, and as your sledge swooshes through the powder, you will get to experience a thrilling and exhilarating ride. Riding on a dog-sleigh truly gives you a sense of rush like no other, and this is one of the things which you must try out during your vacation in Breckenridge.