Four Jacket Styles That Every Man Needs in 2021

It is coming to the end of 2021, and you are still wearing the same jacket that you have been wearing for the past three years. Men alone are more than happy to be wearing the same wardrobe for several years until it gets damaged.

The key to ramping up your style is by having options in the wardrobe and variations. Jackets are one of those that you can have multiple of, and it changes the outfit completely. If you are unsure about the different variations of jackets that you can have, this article is for you. There are plenty to choose from out there. Not to mention that they are affordable as well.

The Bomber Jacket

If you haven’t got a bomber jacket then what are you doing? It is a key essential item for men’s fashion and is a jacket that can go with anything. It is so easy to wear and arguably one of the best jackets that you can wear indoors.

The bomber jacket won’t be a jacket that you would wear alone in the winter months. It is for indoor drinking and just another layer that you can add to your style. If you are wearing it when the temperature is low, make sure that you put plenty of layers on. You can even put a hoodie underneath it if you wish. A bomber jacket can also be worn in a smart-casual environment. So if you ever wanted to wear it in the office then you can do so.

There are several ways that you can wear a bomber jacket. That is why you must buy one for yourself. Not only does it add another layer to your outfit but it also levels up your style. They are very affordable and many online stores sell them.

Herrington Jacket

Nothing says British pop culture like the Herrington jacket. A jacket that was popularised by the king himself, Elvis Presley, is another essential jacket that every man should wear. This is more of your casual style compared to the bomber jacket. Nonetheless, it is a staple piece in mens streetwear and casual wear.

A simple yet effective workwear design became extremely popular during the 70s and 80s. It is one of few styles that has managed to have such longevity in men’s fashion. The jacket came from a Manchester company in the 1930s called Baracuta. Not long after the release of this jacket, it made its way over to the United States where Elvis showcased the jacket in a 1954 film.

As the years went by in the UK, this wonderful jacket was embraced by mods and skinheads during the 80s and 90s. Not to mention the football hooligan era who either wore tracksuits or denim jeans with Harrington jackets. Make sure that you get a pair of sunglasses for the summer months to really rock the 80s style.

Bubble Jacket

A more modern-day jacket that has cemented its palace in men’s fashion. The bubble jacket, also known as a down jacket, can be worn all year round. Furthermore, the thickness of these jackets can vary so some are more suitable for winter than others.

Many brands have designed some wonderful bubble jackets that are great for the colder months. One of the most famous jackets out there that is definitely for the winter months is the 1996 Nuptse Jacket. One of the most iconic jackets that The North face has created and will do the job of keeping you warm.

There are plenty of other brands that have also designed their version of a bubble jacket. With winter just around the corner, we suggest that you aim for a thicker style of bubble jacket. However, there is no harm in getting a thinner one that would be more suitable for summer/ autumn. Either way, there are many brands to choose from when it comes to a bubble jacket.

Technical Jacket

Technical jackets have become extremely popular in men’s fashion recently. There are two different styles of technical jackets that you have probably seen. One is ¼ zip that you would pull over your head. The other style, the more common style, is a zip that goes from the bottom of the jacket to the top.

A technical jacket tends to be a thin material. Although, they are designed to protect you from the wind and the rain. Under armour design their technical jackets that are fit for running. It can also be worn for casual wear.

To Conclude

There are many other jackets that a man needs when it comes mens fashion. The jacket you wear depends on the temperature outside. With it getting colder and colder, a parka jacket or a bubble coat will be more appropriate for when the snow is falling. If there is any way that you can bring out your dashing self, it will certainly be with a jacket during the winter months.