If your home is like most, the living room is one of the primary gathering places when you entertain friends or when you have family events. Because this may be one of the larger congregational areas in the home, it makes sense to update the décor from time to time. If you are looking for easy do-it-yourself home improvement projects that can transform your living room with stunning results, consider how some of these ideas may work in your home.


Faux Exposed Beams

Exposed wood beams are a decorative touch that can add charm to any room. However, your living room may simply have boring drywall ceilings, and exposing hidden beams may not be realistic or even possible. You can mimic the look of exposed beams by installing faux beams across the ceiling in a decorative fashion. This works best if you have tall ceilings, and it may be most appealing for living rooms with at least one angled or sloping wall. Consider getting inspiration from design magazines before you add this stunning touch to your living room.


A Stone Accent Wall

Another lovely idea is to install a faux stone accent wall in the room. Rather than haul huge stones or bricks into your living room, you can use thin paver-like pieces. Some of these are even sold in panels so that they are easier for you to install. There are an extensive range of colors, styles and textures to choose from, and this means that you have incredible flexibility to create almost any look that you desire. While a stone accent wall may be most commonly associated with a rustic look, it can be used with modern, contemporary and other styles.


Add Texture to the Ceiling or Walls

While adding a stone or brick façade to an accent wall is one way to bring more texture and personality into the room, there are other ways to add texture to the walls. For example, the moldings that are available to be installed around the base of an overhead light fixture can actually be adhered to the side wall. You can purchase numerous medallions in different sizes and with different patterns to create a funky look, or you can choose uniform medallions for a more cohesive look. There are other ways to add texture as well, such as with wainscoting, molding strips, shiplap and more. Remember to choose a decorative color to make these new textures feel like they are a part of the room.


Renovate the Fireplace

A central feature in many living rooms is a fireplace. Unfortunately, many fireplaces are installed with basic or builder-grade materials. Otherwise, they may be outdated, and this lack of appealing style can unfortunately bring down the entire room. A great idea is to tackle a fireplace renovation with a do-it-yourself project. When you remove the existing façade around the fireplace, you can recreate a new façade with any style and any materials that you desire. For example, you can install a granite tile border, a faux stone border, a brick border or something else. You can also add a decorative beam and a hearth. Remember to update the interior with one of the many ventless gas log sets that you may find on the market. The end result is a stunning new focal point in your living room.


As you can see, there are many creative ways to update your living room. While some of these projects may seem detailed and complicated, you may find that they can be completed with only moderate do-it-yourself skills. Before you get started, create a design plan for your space. Remember that you may even incorporate several of these ideas into the living room through a series of projects. Through your hard work and effort, you can add incredible appeal and personality to your living room, and this can influence the décor throughout the rest of the home.