One of the biggest shows for sports lovers is on the anvil as the gala UFC event unfolds in Las Vegas on 6th October to stage the fight between Khabib and McGregor that viewers across the world can watch live streamed on premium channels. However, it might not be good news for all UFC enthusiasts because viewing the UFC live streamed on premium channels can be very expensive.  Besides, some ISPs (Internet Service Provider) might even block access to the show for their own commercial reasons.  To make things worse, some ISPs are threatening viewers by issuing warning letters for copyright infringement. Overall, the situation is bad for television viewers who are struggling to catch up with their favorite shows because of the expenses and restrictions that accompany it.

All is not as bad as you think

To put an end to viewing television programs according to the diktat of ISPs and to liberate viewers from the clutches of ISPs and television program broadcasters there are some innovative options available. With the help of television add-on apps for various streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Kodi, viewers can access premium shows free. They can now watch UFC on Kodi / UFC on Kodi without paying anything.  To keep away from the legal issues, they can opt for VPN which is the safest option of television viewing today.

VPN is very safe

VPN is the most preferred way of viewing television programs streamed across various platforms because it helps to get the most comprehensive access to all types of content without stumbling on legal and copyright issues. The biggest attraction of VPN is that it provides complete security to viewers who can stay anonymous while accessing geo-restricted content that would not have been possible otherwise. With VPNs, you need not fear throttling on bandwidth that your ISP could apply and rob the pleasure of comfortable viewing. Using VPN ensures that you are on the right side of the law.  

The attraction of Kodi add-ons

While VPN is excellent for viewing television on the internet by maintaining complete privacy and anonymity, the charm of viewing UFC events free goes up many more times, thanks to Kodi add-ons. These add-ons are apps that help to dilute the monopoly of streaming platforms by giving free access to viewers to television programs on premium channels.   Some of the add-ons are for an exclusive viewing of UFC like Planet MMA while the Sports Devil add-on gives access to all sports. To view television programs from TV channels from all over the world, Halow Live TV add-on is a good choice. cCloud TV is another add-on that has made a name for itself due to its high stability and performance.   All these add-ons would help to view UFC 229 live no matter in which part of the world you reside.

Forget about paying TV subscription for viewing UFC live from anywhere in the world including countries that restrict viewing of the program. Just remember, that you must connect through a VPN for uninterrupted enjoyment of any content.