Smooth and soft lips are the dream of each girl or a woman, a boy or man out there in the world. However, it is difficult to acquire soft lips and even harder to maintain them at that condition. With adverse natural conditions, having lustrous soft lips is even more difficult. This also includes personal habits that limit or impact negatively on the texture and feel of your lips. Therefore, it is essential to have the proper knowledge on how to better take care of your lips with or without makeup. Here are some of the tips that when followed will ensure that your lips remain soft at all times.

1. Use Lip Balms

These are essential in holding moisture in the skin and on the lips. Also, some balms have moisture added to them making them perfect for use on your lips. You can also use the balms as part of your daily lip makeup routine and care. Moisturizing balm can be applied as often as possible.

  • Fragrances:
    Lip balms come in different colors and fragrances. To acquire soft lips, it is important to avoid the use of lip balms that have fragrances, dyes, or flavors. This is mainly due to the sensitivity of the lips in which case the resultant side effects may be massive in nature. Also, an all naturalbalm is advised as they have no additives, no chemicals and are suitable if aiming at maintaining soft smooth lips.
  • Sunscreen:
    The skin is delicate and the lips are even more delicate and fragile. The sunrays can damage and cause sunburns on your lips. Therefore, it is important that the lip balm used to have some protective element against the sun. The most advised SPF number is 15 whenever you have to go outdoors.

2. Exfoliating

Just like your skin, your lips are quite sensitive and prone to having dead skin as well. It is therefore important to exfoliate them occasionally. This is aimed at removing the dead skin and leaving your lips smooth to the touch. In many cases, we advise against chemical made exfoliants and advise the use of homemade exfoliants. Apart from exfoliating, these ingredients also remove highly pigmented sections of your lips e.g. cucumber and other added benefits. Some of which include:

  • Sugar is used instead of salt as salt can cause irritation. Irritation causes your lips to dry out.
  • Honey, sugar and olive oil can be mixed to make an effective and efficient exfoliating mix.
  • Cucumber is perfect for exfoliation and removing highly pigmented sections. Also, they aid in the production of collagen of the skin and your lips causing the lips to appear plump, more lustrous and well hydrated.
  • Butter, ghee, neem oil or cream are strong moisturizers and should be applied during the night to ensure more moisture penetrates.
  • Aloe vera is especially essential in restoring sunburned, cracked or red lips. In addition, aloe vera acts as a natural sunscreen and protects your lips from the sun.

3. Healthy Practices

  • Moisturize:
    As part of taking care of your lips health, taking lots of water is recommended. Hydration is the key towards having the best skin and towards improving your skin tone. Hydration also ensures that your skin is nourished at all times.
  • Licking and licking your lips:
    Licking your lips is a bad lip health practice. This is mainly due to extra drying that the moisture provided at that specific time causes. Biting is a worse practice as the lips are left bruised. After the lips are healed, they remain chapped in nature and rough to the feel or coarse in texture. This is a practice that should be avoided by applying lip makeup.
  • Eat healthy:
    A healthy diet is something that should be practiced not only to acquire better health but also to take care of your lips. By incorporating fruits and many different vegetables in your food or diet, you acquire healthy body and soft or smooth lips. Apart from smoothening it, your lips also glow in nature.


It is quite easy to learn and practice a routine that will keep your lips soft at all times. However, importance should be placed on acquiring the soft lips and the means used to retain or maintain the acquired soft or smooth lips. Lip makeup is essential and can be used to acquire the smooth lips. However, care should be taken when selecting the right makeup for your lips whether balms, lipstick, gloss, etc. to ensure you do not make the situation your lips are in worse.