Like many others before you, you may have discovered that the comforts of bed and breakfast inns usually exceed those of hotels. In addition to offering a place to relax, most bed and breakfast inns also provide an experience that allows to you get a taste of the area.

Bed and breakfast inns offer unique warmth and charm, which is why they’re still popular with travelers. When you visit such establishments, it is important to keep in mind that there are general etiquette rules to follow.

For instance, remember that most innkeepers typically live in the establishment, so you should treat it with the same respect that you might treat someone’s home. Don’t leave with items such as towels, glasses and furniture, among other things, because you’d be stealing their personal property. Taking into account these and the other etiquette rules outlined below will ensure that you’re received well on your return, and you might even get some preferential treatment.

Etiquette rules to remember when visiting the Best bed and breakfast Finger Lakes inns

For the best experience at a bed and breakfast inn, ask if there are any special rules at the establishment when you arrive. Below are some standard rules to keep in mind.

  1. Unless you’ve made prior arrangements, don’t assume that you can check in before the listed time. Make sure you remove all your belongings from the room when it’s time to check out because the staff members need to change the sheets and prepare the room for the next guest. Bed and breakfast inns are usually always booked so avoid infringing on other guests’ time.
  2. Find out what the house rules are and follow them. If you take issue with any of the rules, discuss them with the owner to learn the reason why they put them in place.
  3. Don’t interrupt other guests’ sleep by making noise. It’s polite to keep your voice down late at night and early in the morning.
  4. Make sure that any children you have with you understand and follow the rules, which means that they shouldn’t bother other guests, jump on furniture, or run down the halls.
  5. Be punctual for meal times and dress appropriately.
  6. During meals or tea, don’t take more than your share of food. Keep the other guests in mind. You can ask for more when the other guests have been served.
  7. Feel free to ask about the area, but avoid monopolizing the innkeeper’s time because other guests too need attention.
  8. As much as possible, be neat in the bathroom; be it shared or private. Don’t dawdle if you’re sharing bathrooms with other guests.
  9. Find out if it’s okay to smoke in the bed and breakfast inn before you smoke, even in the rooms.
  10. Be mindful of other guests’ personal space. Try and be polite even if you disagree.
  11. Leave a review for future guests of the bed and breakfast inn, ensuring you provide a few details on your experience.

As you may have noticed, most of these etiquette rules are more or less everyday manners. If all the other guests also followed them, you’ll have a pleasant experience, so be sure to follow them for other’s sake too.