You’re flipping through your pile of mail and there it is — the dreaded energy bill. With tight wallets and financial stress, it’s becoming a new trend in modern day society to save money by saving energy in homes. Take these following tips to help you and your family save money on your next electric bill.

1. Unplug unused or fully charged electronics

When you’re charging your phone or laptop, energy is used up rapidly and can add onto your electric bill every month. Unplug chargers when your electronics are fully juiced up to ensure you’re saving energy and money every month. You can also unplug other unused household items, such as hair styling tools, to reduce your use of energy.

2. Switch to fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent light bulbs are the new, Eco-friendly way to save energy and also help the environment. Not only do they illuminate any room more brightly, but they are also highly effective and wallet-friendly as well. Homeowners can save up to $70 every year when they switch to the fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Energy Bills3. Turn off your lights When not in Use

It’s very easy to forget to turn off the lights in rooms you’ve just left, which can result in you having unnecessary charges to your electric bill. Turning off the lights when you leave the room can be a great and essential habit to develop to avoid paying too much on your next electric bill. Encourage your family to turn off the lights as they exit a room as well to help them adapt to Eco-friendly and money-conserving ways. Light dimmers and motion sensors by Vivint are also fabulous investments to consider for further money saving.

4. Conserving water is also conserving energy

Whether you enjoy hot showers or wash your dirty clothes in hot water, you are still using up much of the energy in your home. Since laundry detergent brands are going green, you can use cold water to wash your soiled clothing and receive the same results if you had used hot water. You can also save on energy and water by making sure you have a large load of laundry and dishes before you wash them. Other simple ways to save water in your home are turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth, installing low-flow fixtures, and fixing leaking faucets and toilets. With these methods, you can preserve energy, water, and money all in one.

5. Be energy efficient while making delicious dishes

Invest on a conventional oven to make your meals faster and preserve energy. With conventional ovens, they use up to 80% less electricity than other kitchen equipment. Another excellent way to conserve energy and still cook your family meals is by using your oven for several dishes at once. When you have more than one dish that needs to be cooked around the same degree, you can add them all to the oven to cook and not spend hours of time and electricity.

Transform your home into an energy-saving machine with a Vivint home automation system with these wonderful and essential tips.