9213568611_56952831ba_kThere is an artist in everyone, you just need to know what inspires the artist inside of you. Pretty much anything can inspire art, even just simply buying some paints and a blank canvas, although it may take you some time to figure out what medium is best for you.

While there is an artist in everyone, not all artists enjoy the same form of art. You may prefer painting over sculpting, while someone else may prefer building sculptures out of trash rather than being a photographer. It’s all about finding your muse.

Visit An Art Gallery

One way to get inspired and work on finding out what type of art is your type is to visit an art gallery. You can go right to the gallery, or you can do some research online. Some art galleries, like Detroit’s Park West Gallery, have great YouTube channels where you can learn about artists and more.

You can also look into online galleries where even amateurs can share their art. You may find inspiration from people like yourself that are just getting started in the world of being an artist.

Spend Some Time On Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration of all kinds crafters, teachers and moms have all found inspiration through this social media site that lets you save things from all over the web in one spot. It’s also a great place to find art ideas, for any art style. You can search for a particular idea you have or just browse through one of Pinterest’s many categories.

Go To The Museum

You don’t need to go to an art museum to be inspired, you can also go to history museums, or any other museum you can find. It is easy to find inspiration from all sorts of vintage and historical items. Maybe you’ll find inspiration in some old photographs or even some old clothing!

Check your local museums for special discounts that you can qualify for or days where you can get in at a discounted price.  You don’t have to break the bank in order to enjoy some amazing historical artifacts!

Be Inspired By Media

Many people also find artistic inspiration in the news, in music, in their favorite movies or TV shows, or even through their favorite books. It could be a certain word or even a scene that inspires you to create a beautiful poem or even a colorful piece of art.

Get Inside Your Own Head

Some artists simply find inspiration within their own minds. Maybe you’re inspired by memories from your childhood, or maybe you are inspired by dreams (or nightmares) you have at night. Use your imagination in any way you can, from creating a wonderful fictional tale to drawing an animal that couldn’t possibly exist in nature.

The best thing for a creative mind is an open mind. Be open to the inspiration that is all around you, from within the walls around your own home all the way to the beauty of nature outdoors.