When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade out of it, so try to find easy ways to live your hectic life. Our cars are one of those timesaver things. This makes them extremely important, and it provides an edge to not depend on someone or something in terms of commute. One of the shortcuts of life. Loving your car is equal to taking care of it. If your existing vehicle gives you great results, no matter how old it is, or unless you are allured to buy a new one. There are some hacks to keep your old car look as new as possible even after years.

Clean! Sanitize! Sterilize! 

It’s a basic and effective one. To do a deep cleansing of your car is a sense of duty that everyone should carry within them. Stains and dust pile up in the interiors of the car and make it look dirty- The upholstery, mats, headlights, the dashboard, etc. get a good solution cleaner for that or you can do DIYs too such as- by using some toothpaste on headlights and on the surface of the car to make it spotless, get your conditioner to look your car shiny, vacuum and tape roller get the upholstery sorted, by keeping the dryer sheets plus a spray water bottle is enough on a regular basis. Keeping things clean is essential, but precaution is better than cure, so make sure what you are stepping on with dirty shoes.

Project it better

When it comes to the first glance, you need to be clear about certain things. Let’s focus on the smell! Keep it fresh! Hygiene matters a lot for cars and your health too. Take off the stickers, mend the dents and scratch, new windshield wipers, your vehicle needs some makeup also- a new paint project. Keeping a container for junk and a car seat hammock in the back and a shoe organizer can be used by hanging on the seat and putting a carabiner. This is how a cute and useful car looks.

Level up your list

Get the lighter wheels- the one contains excellent grip, or alloy wheel refurbishment, the services are outstanding and readily available, upgrade the performance of brakes, if you are a music and long drive lover this is the right time to modernize your speakers and boxing up all tools at the back so that they won’t be running anywhere inside the car. 

Some Replacements are good

Let the electric parts substitute the mechanical parts, and some engine transplants are easy to get done and result in modifications of your vehicle.

Self-reliant than burn your money

In this, completing some of the tasks on your own will save time and money both, such as- removing corrosion from the battery by soda, changing a spare tire, replacing the oil and oil filter, Brake pads, Check your coolants, spark plugs, etc., through this way you can save a lot and spend on something more productive from your car’s budget.                                                             


No Doubt routine maintenance is must, gear yourself up by keeping some wipes in hand if any stain hits. If you are determined to work on your old buddy and make the most of it in use, you have to give your great efforts. As they say- if you take care of things, they stay!